Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blogging - Day 4

The sky is absolutely stunningly gorgeous today. It's so uplifting. Such a pretty, pretty blue. It's still cold, but it's beautiful. And it's been daylight as I leave the office for home lately, and that makes my soul soar, too. And I get all giddy and can't wait to get home. Tonight Ben will be there. He is always so much fun; he's funny, too. Jayme is making meatloaf, so the house will smell so good when I get there and dinner will be ready and I can just relax and dig in. And Amanda will have been there today, too, and that means the house will be extra clean. Can it get any better than this, I ask you??? I think not. Well, maybe I could hit the lottery, but I'd have to play that first, so that's not going to happen; or maybe all the laundry will magically be washed, dried and put away, or maybe I could wake up 25 pounds slimmer with shiny, straight hair that never grays, or maybe. . . I'll just be happy with all that is today.

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