Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Draft Checklist for March Goals

1. Scrap 19 layouts/projects: Scrapped 24 layouts
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!: There is still tonight
3. Read 2 books: Diary of Marie Antoinette and O' Pioneers
4. Organize the playroom: Did not do
5. Save $$ towards vacation: Paid train tickets
6. Clean the dining room: There is still tonight
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla: Did . . . Not
8. Book the hotel and train for Chicago trip: Booked the room and train
9. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants: Did . . . Not
10. Sew one project: Did . . . Not
11. Buy a new pair of shoes: Bought two new pair of shoes
12. Earn one badge out of the DO IT BOOK: Earned the "Well Read" Badge
13. Blog more than once a month: Did!
14. Keep a daily journal: More of an every other day journal
15. Complete page kits: Did!
16. Lose 4 pounds: HaaaHaaaHaaa!

Extras: Return adapters to Wal-Mart: Did
Put batteries in camera - ugh: Did
Pay gas and taxes: Paid the gas, taxes on the 15 April 2009

1 comment:

  1. Love your list and laughed at one of the things you excelled at....buying shoes! Why buy just one pair when you can buy 2! I, too, just got a yoga tape....{sigh} some day!
    Happy Spring-hope it warms up a little soon and stays warm. This 24in the morning and 55 in the afternoon is making me crazy!