Sunday, March 1, 2009

March's To Do List

Just a start, but I also have to get started as it's March 1, 2009! Last night was a 60th surprise birthday party for my niece's Mom-in-Law and she was sure surprised! Great fun! Kayla, Brendan and Amanda spent yesterday at the house. Kayla is doing much better. She will be out of school all of next week, but then should be back to 100%. Ben is with us this weekend. I've been Batgirl, Master Splinter, Lois Lane and Fireball to his Batman, Leonardo, Superman and Cowboy Joe (which is really Hellboy, but he knows him as Cowboy Joe). Currently, I am at the office as we are really busy, so I just stopped in to jot down a few items that I REALLY want to accomplish this month.

1. Scrap 19 layouts/projects
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!
3. Read 2 books
4. Organize the playroom
5. Save $$ towards vacation
6. Clean the dining room
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla
8. Book the hotel and train for Chicago trip
9. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants
10. Sew one project
11. Buy a new pair of shoes
12. Earn one badge out of the DO IT BOOK
13. Blog more than once a month
14. Keep a daily journal
15. Complete page kits
16. Lose 4 pounds

Enjoy your Sunday!

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