Monday, March 2, 2009

On the Second Day . . .

So on the first day I made the list now I have to put some type of plan into action. I used the Croc-A-Dile to hole punch my 500 index cards and then attached them with a book ring and then dropped it into my bag. Now I have no excuse to not jot down notes and such. I have one outfit cut and ready to sew for Kayla's Barbie doll(s) (she has, seriously, at least 100 Barbies). I have begun adding embellishments to each of the 19 double page kits I have cut and ready for the upcoming crop. Let's see, I did not open the Yoga tape, thus no exercise. I did water the plants (they look so much perkier), but I still need to buy dirt. In sum, I'm off to a decent start. And I blogged two days in a row.

Jayme and I are going to a fundraiser at Cioppino Restaurant tonight in the strip district. I am looking forward to it, but not to the walk. It's cold out today.

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