Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2 Projects

I am working on two scrap projects. One was Shimelle's Scrap Your Day which just ended, BUT I saved all the prompts and am doing it now. Right now. I've chosen the 12th of each month as the day I will scrap (partly because Easter was the 12th and that would give me a head start, and partly because so many birthdays in our family fall on the 12th). The other project and one I am not behind in as it is going on right now, is Elise Blaha's Get Crafty Workshop. Day One's project has me so excited to scrap and just brimming with ideas. I will be using this on my first project:

And Day Two is just as creative. I will be using this in my Day Two project:

I measured Kayla over the weekend and will begin sewing her first sundress. She called the other evening to ask me to please make wide straps and not spaghetti straps so she could wear it to school. Ahhh, the faith of a child.

Tomorrow is payday. Thank goodness. I have budgeted in two visits to Starbuck's this pay period. Tomorrow will be one of them.

Taxes - tonight. Really!

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