Saturday, April 4, 2009

April To Do List

Okay, I am late posting this. But I need a visual as to what I want to accomplish this month. It helped so in March, though I do have a few carryovers.

1. Scrap 5 layouts/projects.
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!
3. Read 2 books.
4. Organize the playroom.
5. Save $$ towards vacation.
6. Clean the dining room.
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla.
8. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants.
9. Buy dirt and plant the herbs.
10. Sew one project.
11. Continue on with the DO IT BOOK. Earn the sewing badge.
12. Blog more than once this month.
13. Scan the 24 layouts from last month.
14. Create at least 5 page kits:
15. Lose 8 pounds. Keep thinking of all those sundresses your sister bought you.

Okay, did I say there were a few carryovers? I didn't do as well as I thought. Good thing there are 30 more days, er, 26.

Kayla had a friend sleep over last night. They were very well behaved. I think, I hope. I put them on the first floor and retired to the third. I actually thought Kayla would be climbing in next to me in the middle of the night cause she gets so scared in this big old house, but she didn't. Hooray Kayla!

Today, we will be making candy for the Easter baskets. And dying a few eggs. Only a few, because I have to do it again next weekend with Ben. Later this afternoon we will be celebrating Cammi's 7th birthday. I think 7th. And if I can find these little tablets I bought, I want to have the girls cover them with pretty paper and flowers and a "for you" tag to tuck into the Easter baskets. I am not fond of the search and find game. Probably because we play it every day at the office. And whatever we are looking for is usually on or under the attorney's desk. Can you say 'F R U S T R A T I N G'. OR sing it in your best opera voice.

Ha! Ha! That reminds me. My kids and I were fooling around and whatever I was saying, I sang the end. And they were like "Mother!". And I said why can't life be like a musical. I mean really. Let's just break out in song. Did I tell you I can clear a room. Yep. Quite easily, too.

Well, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Very deceiving, cause for how lovely it looks out there, it's only 38 degrees. I called the weather. No fooling me.

Okay, laundry calls. Have a blessed day!

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