Saturday, April 18, 2009

Checking it Off

It is a glorious morning here. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. We've opened the windows and have the fresh air circulating. Sigh. It's so energizing. I'll be in and out all day. Cleaning, shopping, planting. Checking off my list. I hope it is a glorious day in your part of the world!

On to the Weekend List. The best part of lists is checking each item off.

A weekend with no children. Well, Brendan is coming for a visit. So, part weekend with no children.

So much to do. DOING

Be Creative. WORKING ON IT

Cut material and baste seam for Kayla's first fitting.

Sew doll outfit.

Find herb/spice seeds and plant.

Add dirt to flower pots.

Pick up finished ceramic pieces. CHECK

Complete 3 of the numerous "in progress" scrap projects.

Spring clean the living room and the dining room. STARTED

Finish the laundry and put it away. All of it. STARTED.

Buy a new blade for trimmer. COULD'NT FIND BLADE; BOUGHT NEW TRIMMER. CHECK.

Revisit April's goals list.

1. Scrap 5 layouts/projects.
2. Open that Yoga tape and DO IT!
3. Read 2 books.
4. Organize the playroom.
5. Save $$ towards vacation.
6. Clean the dining room.
7. Send mail to Cammi and Kayla.
8. Buy dirt and repot the 3 plants.
9. Buy dirt and plant the herbs.
10. Sew one project.
11. Continue on with the DO IT BOOK. Earn the sewing badge.
12. Blog more than once this month. CHECK
13. Scan the 24 layouts from last month. STARTED
14. Create at least 5 page kits:
15. Lose 8 pounds. Keep thinking sundresses, sundresses, sundresses. WORKING ON IT


Put new batteries in camera. CHECK

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