Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photos

A few photos from a lovely Easter weekend. Kayla stayed over Thursday evening through Sunday morning and Ben from Friday to today. It was Ben's turn to make candy. He lasted through a few pieces and then he was off to capture some villain in his everlasting superhero play.

Since it would be only Jayme, Ben and I for Easter dinner (my other children are making their own traditions - whole-heartedly endorsed!) I chose to make a big breakfast for Kayla and Ben. We had cheese omelets, sausage patties, fried potatoes, and buttered toast. Hmmmm good! After clean-up, we prepared to go to Church. Amanda and Jerry met us there. BUT, beforehand, Kayla and I stopped at a little park so I could get some photos of her in her new Easter dress. All-in-all it was a fabulous weekend!

Jerry presented me with this gorgeous Lily and I must say it's scent is divine!

It was a lovely, sunny, yet cool day. This is one of my favorites of Kayla swinging.

Ben making candy suckers and bunnies and lambs. I think he enjoyed putting each color wafer in piles more than the actual candy making.

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