Sunday, April 19, 2009

Walked six miles today. To Squirrel Hill and back. In the rain. It was a good walk. Safe in daylight. The first mile, I thought my ankle was broke, it hurt so. After the second, I thought if I stop right here on this corner, right now, this is will the rescue party will find me four days from now. So I didn't stop and the rest was a breeze.

Kayla and Amanda visited this evening. Kay's dad gave her a drum set and as I have more room, I get to be the keeper of the drums. He forgot drumsticks. I'm hiding my wooden spoons.

Did you catch the Susan Boyle performance on Britain's Got Talent as shown on-line? You can catch it here. I thought she was darn good and I liked her sense of humor.

Jayme and I watched The Spiderwick Chronicles today. We liked it.

I'm just finishing up a few things and then I'll be setting about getting ready for the work week. Ahhhh, weekends are so wonderful! It's a pity it has to end.

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