Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Weekend

A flash rainstorm and part of the street flooded.

Pretty flowers.

Pretty flowers transplanted.

Friday - Doctors and then shopping and dinner with the folks and my sister.
Saturday - We had Ben this weekend and he was so much fun. My Mom, Sis, and Daughter came over and we transplanted flowers and had a picnic lunch. We all watched the very first episode of "The Closer" together (Mom had missed that one) and later Amanda and I went to the grocers for dinner things. Made a pretzel salad and lemon chicken kabobs.
Sunday - A flash storm and the end of the street flooded. Lots of playtime with Ben. I finished my altered project for Simply Obsessed.
Monday - Mom came over and we whipped up some home fries and eggs for breakfast. She left, Ben's Mom picked him up, my children took theirs to their Dad's for a picnic and I had the house all to myself. I turned off all the t.v.'s, playstations, radios, etc. and enjoyed some audio quiet. Then I cleaned the upstairs bathroom and kitchen and did loads of laundry and got myself ready for the new week.

I hope you had a fun and peaceful weekend!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

In remembrance for those who have fallen while in the service of our country.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Three Days!

The weather this weekend is to be gorgeous! We'll kick off the weekend with a porch picnic.

Have a fun, safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So, I signed up for Simply Obsessed's Got Talent Crop and the first challenge was posted yesterday. It said ALTER something. Did I read that right??? ALTER??? OMGosh! Altering is so not for me. It's not. So I thought and thought (had a real brainstorming session - it hurt) AND like a light bulb - flash! - I came up with an idea. An idea I liked and will use the end result (if I can pull it off). I've made a list and need to stop at the store on the way home for a few items. I so hope to have it done this evening for uploading tomorrow. I know, I know, there go those good intentions again.

Summer weather is hitting Pittsburgh for this upcoming three (3) III day weekend!! It will be in the 80's!!!! Time to hose off the porch, put out the cushions and make a pitcher of ice tea. The girls (me, Mom, sis, daughter and niece) will be transplanting flowers from flats to pots for decorating our porches. It's something my Mom does for us each year, but she is m-a-k-i-n-g us do it with her this time around. So, we are getting a bucket of chicken and other picnic fair and spending the day together.

Okay, so it's only Wednesday. Shucks! I thought it was Thursday. Dagnabit! No, I'm not wishing my time away, just the work hours. I have a doc's appointment Friday afternoon so I'm comping some time for that. I did something to my leg, can't imagine what, it's not like I exercise or move around too much.

Ben is with us tonight. I'll have to get into Lois Lane mode. Lois to his Batman. I know, I know, he just doesn't get the whole Lois is Superman's girlfriend thing. I prefer Poison Ivy - knock em' out with one kiss, but he isn't in to the whole smoochy thing.

My Ben.

Well, it's lunch time. Think I'll mosey on over to Bruegger's. They have a Tarragon Chicken Salad that is YUMMY!!! Have a wild and wonderful Wednesday!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Bloggin'

The weekend was wonderful! Kayla came over on Friday and then Cammi came and stayed over, too. This is Cammi with her splint. She fell off the monkey bars at school. No damage (hopefully, more x-rays this week).

We were up early Saturday for the Church's bi-annual rummage sale. Kayla's best buy of the day was an Olympus Digital Camera, with memory card, batteries, USB, software and instruction book, all for $5.00! This will be a great camera for her to learn on before we upgrade.

There were also lots of yard sales that we HAD to visit. Other good finds were lots of Beanie Babies (those girls!), still in the original wrapper, never-opened, twin sheet sets from Sears; there were two sets and an extra fitted bottom - all five for $1.00!!! Let's see, Kayla and Kaileen each bought a green coke bottle, phones to use for play, binders, earrings. Kayla bought an electric candle for her room, hmmmm, and I think that's it. Cammi bought doll furniture, a porcelain box for her dresser, a Mickey Mouse glass for herself and a Care Bear glass for her sister, hmmm, a few other things, I'm sure, AND a jar of blueberry jam. My 'steals' for the day, besides the sheets, were a book and movie for Jayme, cereal bowls, Christmas party invitations and a Santa cross-stitch book. It was a grand shopping day.

Later, Cammi went home, and Kayla played til it started to rain. We love to walk in the rain and so we did, got to the corner, a bus came, we climbed on and had a rainy evening adventure. Of course we ended up in Squirrel Hill. No weekend is complete without a jaunt to the Hill. Ice cream at Rita's, Panini's at B&N, and a quick stop at Rite-Aid for very large bandages to cover the very large boo-boo Kayla got when she fell.

Once home, she was asleep before I could finish changing us out of wet clothes.

She sleeps.

I am still in the process of de-winterizing the house (though we keep having freezing advisories). I finally put away the Chenille (I LOVE Chenille) and put on new bedding. So pretty.

Sunday, Kaileen made her communion. Kayla got dressed up. She looked very pretty and grown up.

And of course, we topped off the weekend with a visit to Starbuck's, me, Amanda, Kayla and Jayme, then we drove Jayme to work and we all went back to our respective homes and to bed.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!!! I hope your weekend was lots of fun, too!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Before I Turn In

Fabulous (but cold) weekend! Kayla stayed all weekend; Cammi stayed over Friday. This weekend saw our Church's biannual rummage sale, and tons of yard sales, a rainy adventure, and a communion. Pictures coming soon.

I'm beat. Have a good night!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Moments in Photos and a Few Words

Brendan recharging.


It was on the cold side this weekend. A favorite mug with steaming, hot tea (refilled often).

I spent a lovely, quiet afternoon (while Ben was with his Mom) curled up on the couch, under my favorite blanket, with my steaming hot tea, savoring every page of loveliness showcased in this issue.

Creating some future vintage for the grandkiddies. This will be a dresser scarf.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a delightful day with Amanda and my Mom yesterday. Today, Jayme and I will take Ben to the movies. I hope all you Moms are having a great day!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Mother's Day Update: Finishing touches - that's all Amanda's card needs. Yes, I scrapped her one. Well, it's more like a mini-book. I'll take pics and upload. Amanda and I are celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow by going to lunch, with Ben and Brendan (Eat n' Park here we come). Mom, my sister and me (is it I?) will probably celebrate together Sunday. I bought my Mom a Kohl's gift card, but misplaced it. If I don't find it tonight I'll have to go out and get her something else. Which brings me to

My Getting Organized Update: I was given a lovely desk with the most darling chair. Now, I have an empty desk, so I'm going to put stuff in it. Like the bills and important papers that are scattered everywhere. After I find them all. Ooooh, like that license thing, so I can go get the license, so I can board the train to Chicago next month. Speaking of house stuff, brings me to my

Children at Home Update: I think Jayme brought a girl home last night. No, I know it. Unless he was talking on the phone. No, I heard laughter. But there was no evidence of anyone having been there when I looked around this morning and the front door was still locked. Unless he wanted to impress her and actually walked her out. Hmmmm, maybe he was on the phone. But if there was a girl, lookie here, he's a package deal. You don't get one without the other.

Jayme and my sweet boy, Ben

Okay, back to the updates.

My List Update: I forgot to make one for May. Working on it now. And finally,

My Diet Update: 7lbs lost
So, the diet is working. Sssslloowwlly. But it's worked before. And before that, and before th. . . Well, you get the picture. I have to add exercising and not just running up and down the steps at least 5 times before leaving the house because I keep forgetting stuff. Actually, I think of exercise all the time. When I am sitting thinking I should get up and exercise. BUT this has been helping: to help curb the need for sweets I bought very bitter, high content cocoa, dark chocolate bars. Because dark chocolate is not something I like and so I won't eat the whole bar in two seconds flat, AND it's supposed to be a healthier choice, though I much prefer rich, creamy, fattening milk chocolate. But my point (I have one) is that taking a bite or two of the dark chocolate during the day, really, really helps satisfy sugar cravings. Yep, it does. And the taste is so bitter to me that I really do only have a bite (or two). I currently have a few Green & Black's Organic bars on hand, but this one, Lindt Excellence Chili bars, this has a kick, makes you all sweaty on the inside.

Okay, I have to go make lists. Can't work without them. Have a Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Popping in for a Few

AWFULLY busy here today. Too much redo work. Anyway, on my way to the office I snapped a photo of some very pretty flowers I have been passing each day. A little bit of Holland here in Pittsburgh.

Isn't that just lovely!

I am in the market for a new camera. Seriously, looking at a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5S. I am slowly working my way up the camera chain. I'm not ready for anything too fancy, but. . . then there is the Olympus Stylus Water 550WP. This one is water-proof and takes photos underwater. That's way cool. And then there is the Canon Powershot SD 960. Decisions, decisions.

Have you shopped QVC or HSN? I'm not a fanatic (like, um, Dad) by any means, but I have bought a fabulous Singer sewing machine from HSN and from QVC, I bought Kayla a Toshiba laptop and for Ben, a Playstation 2. Being able to make payments just enables me to buy better quality merchandise. (It helps the monthly budget, too.)

Speaking of budgets, I have to fire off a fax to the tax man (you are wrong, AGAIN!), oh, and the car insurance guy (crack in windshield) and the Department of Transportation (where is my license, oh, and yeah, the check's in the mail).

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Heart

these divine little Moleskine Journals. Luckily, the local B&N carries a whole line of Moleskin Journals. Though I probably won't decorate the covers, each will be assigned a theme and I will use Thickers and other letter stickers for titles. These little Journals are perfect!

In addition to scrapbooking, I also love making my own sketches and then page kits to go with them. This is what I worked on Sunday evening - sketches and page kits. Now, when I have a little spare time, I can just grab a kit and some photos and I'm scrapping in no time.

Let's see, Kayla has her finger in a splint, Amanda's sonogram showed a healthy baby, but she, herself, may have a few problems, Ben thought "Wolverine" was AWESOME, and Brendan is a handful, a busy, climbing, bouncy boy. I just finished/started another book, the weather is wet and the rivers are rising, but flowers are blooming and the spring cleaning is coming along nicely.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May, already?

There's like 38 minutes left of May 1 and I am just sitting down to post. I was so busy at the office today, I didn't get a chance to stop here. This morning was trash pick up so I hurriedly cleaned out the fridge before I left for work and have yet to go grocery shopping, so I told Jayme to meet me in Squirrel Hill and we'd get dinner. Which we did. At a new little Mexican place. (We are eating our way through Squirrel Hill; have many more restaurants yet to try). I think the name of the place was Cozumel - no that's not how it was spelled, hmmmm. Anyway, Kayla will love it. I'll take here there the next time she stays over.

So, I usually post my monthly To-Do list the first of each month, but I am still working on May's (I have so much left over from April. . . and March. This month will be different. Does that sound convincing? No, really it will be. Aw, heck, I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow A.M. for a fun filled NSD!!!