Friday, May 8, 2009


Mother's Day Update: Finishing touches - that's all Amanda's card needs. Yes, I scrapped her one. Well, it's more like a mini-book. I'll take pics and upload. Amanda and I are celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow by going to lunch, with Ben and Brendan (Eat n' Park here we come). Mom, my sister and me (is it I?) will probably celebrate together Sunday. I bought my Mom a Kohl's gift card, but misplaced it. If I don't find it tonight I'll have to go out and get her something else. Which brings me to

My Getting Organized Update: I was given a lovely desk with the most darling chair. Now, I have an empty desk, so I'm going to put stuff in it. Like the bills and important papers that are scattered everywhere. After I find them all. Ooooh, like that license thing, so I can go get the license, so I can board the train to Chicago next month. Speaking of house stuff, brings me to my

Children at Home Update: I think Jayme brought a girl home last night. No, I know it. Unless he was talking on the phone. No, I heard laughter. But there was no evidence of anyone having been there when I looked around this morning and the front door was still locked. Unless he wanted to impress her and actually walked her out. Hmmmm, maybe he was on the phone. But if there was a girl, lookie here, he's a package deal. You don't get one without the other.

Jayme and my sweet boy, Ben

Okay, back to the updates.

My List Update: I forgot to make one for May. Working on it now. And finally,

My Diet Update: 7lbs lost
So, the diet is working. Sssslloowwlly. But it's worked before. And before that, and before th. . . Well, you get the picture. I have to add exercising and not just running up and down the steps at least 5 times before leaving the house because I keep forgetting stuff. Actually, I think of exercise all the time. When I am sitting thinking I should get up and exercise. BUT this has been helping: to help curb the need for sweets I bought very bitter, high content cocoa, dark chocolate bars. Because dark chocolate is not something I like and so I won't eat the whole bar in two seconds flat, AND it's supposed to be a healthier choice, though I much prefer rich, creamy, fattening milk chocolate. But my point (I have one) is that taking a bite or two of the dark chocolate during the day, really, really helps satisfy sugar cravings. Yep, it does. And the taste is so bitter to me that I really do only have a bite (or two). I currently have a few Green & Black's Organic bars on hand, but this one, Lindt Excellence Chili bars, this has a kick, makes you all sweaty on the inside.

Okay, I have to go make lists. Can't work without them. Have a Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I hear ya on that organized thing...I'm always losing things because of too much stuff!!! I've got to get a system! Have a Happy Mother's Day Trish! Yum-Eatn'Park! Love their Nantucket Cod. David is grilling for me today...our first burgers of the season on the grill. Bravo with the diet, er, lifestyle change. I'm ready-tired of feeling so sluggish!