Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day. . .

. . . to my sweet Dad. Mom and I did a fabulous job cleaning out the flooded basement. My sons were a huge help, too. Especially Joey. He did a knock down job getting rid of tons of debris. Not much was salvagable. I have tons of photos to share, but right now, Mom and Cathy and I are going to lunch. It's gorgeous here today. I still have to replace the back door, possibly the washer and dryer, hopefully not my fire breathing furnace, and I picked up a new water heater on Friday which will be put in tomorrow. Still won't have hot water until we see about the furnace. On the bright side, I have a really clean basement. Mom and I hosed it down with clorox and water yesterday. Oh, and the Red Cross came buy with buckets filled with cleaning supplies, water and cereal. That was so cool!!! Okay, gotta go, later!!

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