Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving On

Now that the basement has been thoroughly cleaned, the new hot water tank delivered, the furnace order placed, etc., it's time to post those photos from our visit to Chicago, IL.

We traveled by Amtrak. Those coach seats are not as cozy as the site lets on, but we loved the experience of traveling by train.

Kayla and Jayme overlooking the canal.

Jayme was completely invaluable on this trip. He had a wonderful sense of direction and knew how to read a map. Our first stop upon arrival was Grant Park where the Chicago Blues Festival was being held. This is Kayla in front of the Buckingham Fountains.

It rained our second full day in Chicago (our tour the city day). We ventured out anyway.

Kayla fell while crossing the street. One bloody knee, muddy bottom, soaked sweatshirt, visit to Express and $75.00 later, she is one happy and dry[er] little lady.

Since Jayme talked to everyone (the folks were SO friendly), he got the name of a wonderful eatery - Jake Melnick's. This was the fabulous dessert Kayla and I ordered.

We knew we were getting closer to the American Girl Place by all the red shopping bags coming towards us. Kayla's reaction to seeing the store - priceless!

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