Friday, October 23, 2009


My sister is still in the hospital. Maybe she can come home Monday. She will be put on Oxycontin. In three weeks, she will have her first appointment with the oncologist. We are still waiting for the results of the liver biopsy. The spots on her lungs are minute (so far).

Jacob is home and hopefully gaining weight. Brendan, wow! that child has ENERGY!

Ben is with us this weekend. We will pick up Kayla and take the two of them to Funfest for Bobby and Logan's birthday party. Sunday will be a Halloween party at the Church behind us. I've been wanting to check that one out, so this will be good. I also need to decorate the house. And call Joey to remind him to bring the girls next Saturday for a little party at our house.

Jayme's double hernia operation is Tuesday, October 27th. I'll take the day off to get him to the hospital and home again.

I need to update my Christmas Gift List. And clean the house. Lots of laundry. Last night was bowling and we finally won a game, tied the second and lost the third by two lousy pins. BUT, my average is 118 and I bowled way over each game. That's good.

Jim is out today and that makes Friday a little more stress free. Julie and I are working on a closing binder. I'd really like to get it out the door today.

I need paid in the worst way.

Bobby drove me into the office. That was so cool. The leaking pop bottle in my bag was not. I have it all over my pants, ruined Toni's book which I will definitely replace. Hopefully my camera is okay.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Amanda's water broke earlier today. I am sitting by the phone waiting for the official announcement. So exciting! I have been with her for the other births, but this time it will be just her and Jerry. I'll visit in the a.m.

My sister underwent a colonoscopy this morning and a mass was found. We will have biopsy results back tomorrow, but either way she will have surgery on Friday. Praying heavily for good news and a quick recovery.

Just finished watching "The Wrestler". Maybe should have watched something else.

Back to phone vigil.

Ben's Buzz and other things

Baby due Sunday, though Amanda called and it could happen sooner!!!! Sister admitted to hospital yesterday, tests being run, praying for an answer and something curable.

Cropped this past weekend at Sugar Creek, OH. Absolutely gorgeous surroundings! Met some very lovely people. Finished the North Carolina vacation album and a chipboard accordian book of Ben. Currently working on an album for a cousin's granddaughter.

Let's see, bowling with Jayme and his friends Thursday evenings (they needed a fourth player, so I'll alternate with Randy's girlfriend). Trying to get totally caught up here at the office so I can take three days off when the baby arrives.

Upcoming events include a trip to the pumpkin farm and zoo boo and decorating the house for Halloween and our Halloween luncheon.

Ben got buzzed which he totally loves. He is forever rubbing his hand across the top of his head cause it feels "awesome". He and his Dad were riding in the backseat, Mom and me in the front when Ben asked us to please close our windows. We did and I turned to him to see is he was ago. He said he didn't want his hair to get blown.