Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is Still Here!

After a week of temps in the 70's (that's cold to me), the weekend was in the 90's and continues today! Ah, I love a blue sky and sunshine bouncing off the buildings.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A New Day

Back to the field for Day 2 of double elimination softball.  It is sunny and hot and I love it.  Sitting here watching the teams battle it out.

Mel at Bat
Once home, the question was: Sleep or Walk.  Sitting out in that hot sun all day cheering makes one tired.  BUT, I chose walk and I did 4.6 miles. I waited til evening when it was cooler.

Back home, settled in for the evening, catching up on Project Runway episodes and waiting for the season finale of Drop Dead Diva to air, I began working on my newest crochet project:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The A.M. and the P.M.

Well, talk about pampering oneself. I slept in til 10:00. Thank goodness my Mom called because I was to be at the field at 10 to watch Mel and team play. They are in a softball tournament this weekend. Well, the other team was a no-show, so we play again at 1:15. A quick dash home to gobble down some breakfast - Fiber One bar and hot tea, and then to get dinner into the slow cooker. I chose to make sweet barbecue pork - one of my favorites. The sweet is in the sauce. Into a saucepan, stir 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup water, 2 Tbs. sugar, 1/2 tsp. pepper, 1 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 2 Tbs. butter, 1/2 cup ketchup, 1 cup brown sugar. Simmer til the sugars and butter are melted. Pour over pork roast. The house will be smelling delicious when I get home.

I meant to take an after photo but we ate it before I thought of it.

Oh, so not such a good start to my spa weekend. While eating breakfast, I've had to replan my plan. I need to fit in a 4 mile walk, upper body training, some reading, a salt glow (so looking forward to that), a facial, manicure and pedicure. I also have to clean out that extra bedroom so that Rob can paint the floor. But right now, back to the field. Later!

The P.M.

The second game was a loss, but we will be back at the field at 12:00 tomorrow as it is a double elimination tournament.  Mister surprised me with a call and said he was coming over.  So, I dashed home thankful that I had put that pork roast on.  Jumped into the shower, mixed up a loaf of Tastefully Simple (my go to's in a crunch) Beer Bread (substituted the beer with sprite) and got that baking, and tossed a Caesar Salad. A little t.v., good food, conversation, lovely, lovely day! After Mister left, I continued on with my spa weekend.  First, the salt rub, which I had been so looking forward to.  After you have filled your tub with bath water, you put 2 cups sea salt in a bowl, get in the tub and get yourself wet, add a little water to the sea salt, mix and then vigorously rub on your body.  Don't worry about the salt that falls into the tub, you are going to soak in that.  I promise you your skin will feel so good, so smooth.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Regenerative Weekend

Bowling last night.  Although my average is 126, I bowled 130, 142 and 140.  Yay me!

I am currently working on an itinerary for a DIY spa weekend.  I worked today and got home around 7, so tonight will be for relaxing and planning.  I'm also tired and want to turn in early.  Anyway I started my weekend with dinner.  Two eggs scrambled with grilled artichokes. Yum.  Then I tidied up the kitchen, then read for half an hour.  Wanted to do more, but I really am tired and I want to start early tomorrow.  So until then . . . good night.

Oh, I'll have updates throughout the weekend.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

... a New Dawn ...a New Day

I love that song sung by Michael Buble.  I also think of those words when I awake each day.  I love my life, I really, really do.  I love getting up in the morning and going to work, walking, coming home and just enjoying my house, my family.
Happy first day of school K!  I can't wait to talk to her tonight to see how her first day was, whose in her class, etc.  I got Shimelle's 1st e-mail and will be spending time this weekend gathering my supplies.  Got to find that instruction book to figure out how to print the photos directly from the camera. 
I missed Top Chef last night because I was entertaining.  I'll catch it On Demand this weekend.  Tonight begins our fall/winter bowling.  I've got my new shoes, new ball and bag.  Only I didn't have the holes drilled in the ball yet.  I'm on a new team this year.  Kind of sad to leave the boys but I was alternating with Heather and I want to bowl every week.  This way she gets to bowl every week, too.
Stopped by Braddock Field to pick up my bowling gear from the kids, watched Mel hit a few rounds.  She can hit the ball.  Pulls to the left, but hits those grounders.  She's in the softball tournament Saturday.  I'll be going to watch.
I am fascinated with the many "52" blogs that are around. They make me wish I would have thought of this, but they also are inspiring me to compile a list of my own for the next 52 weeks (coincides with my "back to school" theme). The following are on my "To Read" this weekend.
52 Projects
The Original 52 Projects
52 Projects - Facebook

We miss you terribly, Cathy!!!
PD w/K

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rescue Me.  A tad depressing. But only from the point of view that they are wrapping up all the loose ends.  I hate for this show to end.  It has been one of the best in my humble opinion.  Six seasons of great T.V. viewing.
Enough of that.
It seems to be a bit warmer today.  Maybe.  72 for some is heaven, for me it's cold.  I like 90.  Our office is like 40.  It's freezing.
Today is Wednesday and I have SO MUCH to catch up on.  Not here.  At home. So much.  And I have to make time to pick up my new bowling shoes, and shop around for car insurance, and find that dagnabit ticket that needs paid, and the DB layaway slip I hopefully misplaced and didn't throw away.  Egads! Work is sure interfering with life.  And I'm half hoping for a playdate and half not, cause I do have a lot to do at home.
I am hoping to receive Shimelle's 2010 material list for her upcoming class today.  I am so ready for this project.

The waterpark at Castaway Bay
Ms. K being silly

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Planning

I'm still planning my "school year." Since the passing of my dear, sweet sister earlier this summer (too soon, way too soon!), I, and my family have a new outlook on life.  LIVE IT! And we have been living.  Especially myself, along with my niece and nephew.  Big Time! I've also come to discovery that I am a perpetual student.  I love to learn.  So, I am going "back to school" along with the kiddies, treating this upcoming school year as another beginning to live, learn and love.  Planning my curriculum and seriously going to go places I have only dreamed of.  

I bought this fabulous workbook from Michaels earlier this year using a 50% off coupon.  You could purchase it here for a great price.  The Crochet Closet is full of lovely pieces to crochet and wear.  I've started creating one myself and will post my progress as I go along.  I still have to find the perfect button for the sweater I just finished and in the nick of time, too.  It was downright cold yesterday!

It's Tuesday! That means Rescue Me is on.  I also have a ton of things to do tonight.  Gotta get them done!

Started taking a bus to the office and walking the 2.3 miles from Squirrel Hill. Smart move.  Feels good, I slept a little better last night, except for a horrendous nightmare, and I also need to shed another 6 pounds to ensure I can wear those gorgeous size 6 suits I bought for fall.  Need to add to that wardrobe and get a few new pair of heels.  Maybe a purse. Maybe black patent leather knee high boots, or brown leather.

I am so excited for Shimelle's September class to start.  The materials e-mail goes out tomorrow but I've already been planning what I'll be using.  Definitely this and I'm thinking of maybe shrinking this template and creating an accent.  I will be cleaning up my scrap area and making sure I have all my tools at hand so I have no excuse not to finish this project the same month it's begun. 

Ms. K. Mornings aren't her thing.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Time to Learn a/k/a Back to School

September is almost here! Just a few days away.  I am so excited for it.  I have been thinking about all I want to accomplish and all the things I want to do and change . . . and FINISH!  There's my bedroom which is still in the beginning stages of remodel, and the sweater(s) that need finishing, books that need read, pictures scrapped, closets organized, parties planned and more! I am so excited to get started. I don't know if it's the whole Mister thing or just the being alive thing, or maybe a combination of all three and the fact that the kids keep me B-U-S-Y. I don't know, but I am excited to get started on a new journey.  To begin I am participating in Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class, am collecting German recipes for Octoberfest and Steeler game fare, and making a comprehensive list, well, a few of them, for housecleaning and organizing, new subjects to learn (i.e., read the manual that came with the camera), a crochet project for each month, recipes, holidays, etc.   

The weather has even cooled down.  It's 70 today (that's cold for me) and when I said that I would probably need a sweater, Mister said, "Why don't you get out your winter coat."  Everyone's a comedian!

Back to Work

After a fabulous and fun, albeit wet weekend, it's back to work.  Which is okay, cause I need to replenish the bank accounts.  First, Thursday evening was our last night of summer bowling and we bowled no-tap.  The boys bowled a perfect (no-tap) 300, all three of them in the same game.  The proof's here:
Randy, Marc & Jayme - perfect no-tap scores
Friday morning, the girls and I headed for Cedar Point for the weekend.  We stayed at Castaway Bay which has a funtastic indoor waterpark.  And a Starbucks and TGIF.  And an Arcade.  Our room (Starfish) had a balcony with a view of the bay.  We spent Friday at the indoor waterpark, had dinnner at TGIF's and followed up with Starbucks for dessert (my favorite way to start and end the day).  More waterpark, showers, bed.  Saturday we left for Cedar Point for the early arrival, rode a few rides, got soaked, mined, Mel bought a sign, tee shirts and K got ice cream.  It rained and rained and rained.  Tired of being wet, we called it a day and went to dinner at some fun Pony Eatery, where you could play Keno and bet on horseraces.  That was fun.  Back to the room, then more waterpark, showers, and then the Arcade. Starbucks, bed.  We checked out by 11:00 and were home by 3:15. 
K mining for gems

Just in time for my date with Mister.  {Sigh}

Today, I am back to work, back to counting points (got to rid myself of those excess pounds), back to walking, laundry and cleaning up.  Got a lot on the To Do List and hope to accomplish most of it. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a Holiday!

K, Mel and I are off to Cedar Point this weekend. We will be staying at Castaway Bay.  Be back Sunday with details and yummy photos.

Did you see Shimelle's September class is to begin soon?  Love her classes, love, love, love them!

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Roll

I am a blog reader.  I am.  Love them. Love the visuals, the words, the happenings.  As I am beginning the journey of redoing each room in my home, I have a particular interest in blogs that address remodeling, refurbishing, redressing.  This weekend I plan to visit the following blogs. You may want to visit, too.

1. Little Emma English Home
2. Dreamhouse
3. Frugal Farmhouse Design
4. A Country Farmhouse
5. Decor8

Tonight is our last for our summer bowling league.  Next week begins the fall league.  More serious, bigger jackpot.

Tinsel removed.

I had the tinsel removed from my hair though and the bangs cleaned up.  I love it!  Sadly, taking care of my Mom caused me to put on a few pounds.  SOOOOO, I am back to watching what I eat and adding an extra mile to my walking regimen.  I will get rid of those extra lbs. by next Thursday.  You'll see!    

Kayla's Amoeba
This is Kayla's amoeba.  I think that's what she said.  She called me super excited cause she had to, just had to, take it apart and see how it worked.  This is the norm for this child.  I can't count how many calculators she has taken apart. 

I just checked and rechecked by bank accounts.  Once again, I am poor.  This is pretty much everyday, but still sad especially facing a holiday break this weekend.  I need to rethink my budget.  I'll do that tomorrow.

On today's To-Do List is everything I didn't do yesterday (we won't go into that), but I did have the tinsel taken out of my hair, I did walk 2 miles, and I, well, that's about it.  I need to add to that ever growing list the following: take out trash, pack for weekend holiday, stop at Bank for cash and pick up prescription. Maybe should scratch weekend getaway and work on To-Do List. Nahhhhh.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

Ben lost his first tooth!
Did you happen to catch Rescue Me last night? This show is hilarious and has to been one of my absolute favorites, along with Top Chef and Project Runway. That is pretty much my line up for tv viewing for the week.

While spending the week with Mom as she was recovering from knee replacement surgery, we watched episodes 1 through 3 and a few for 4. We laughed so much. Mom was totally hooked.

Had a playdate last evening. Quite fun!

Stopped at Dress Barn over the weekend - yeah, what else is new? Anyway, right there in the front of the store, as soon as you walk in was the most divine sweater - I MEAN GOTTA HAVE IT DIVINE. And now I have it. I will have to post a pic or two. It's that divine. But you can go here to view the black racing stripes jacket I did get (that yummy orangey brown jacket "made to moto" was not in my size, but I'm still looking, it will go great with my hair color), and also the stylish black jacket/skirt in the Jones Collection. Besides the holiday magazines and the holidays, I look forward to this fall season just because of my new wardrobe. I still have a few pieces to get to pull it all together and I'll be ready. Oh, but I still need a winter coat. Gotta get on that.

Ooooh, it's lunch time.  Off to San Remo's with E.  Later.

Today's To-Do List:
Lunch with E - 12:30
Hair - 5:15
Laundry - 2 loads (at least)
Crochet sweater (15)
Top Chef
Bathrooms - shake out rug, sweep and mop, wipe down mirrors, clean commodes, clean sinktops, clean out shower/tub,  spray curtain with bleach or vinegar

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In the Rack this Month:

I love magazines. Love them!! I don't subscribe and I know, I know, I could save money if I were to.  But here's the deal.  I LOVE B&N and I go there OFTEN.  I also do not always buy the same magazine month after month and  I always use by B&N discount.  So this month in my mag rack and on the coffee table, bedside table, kitchen table, well, you get it, are the following:
Martha Stewart Living's Home Issue.  I always look forward to the Home Issues and as I am in the process of s-l-o-w-l-y redecorating most of the rooms in my house, this issue is really inspiring and chock full of doable ideas.  Also, be sure to check out Kevin Sharkey's Big Reveal on line here
Martha Stewart Living also has a fabulous on-line treasure trove of ideas. Be sure to check it out here.

Better Homes & Gardens.  I will admit that the cover is what attracted me to this issue.  My Mom used to make doughnuts from Pillsbury biscuits,  She would use a doughnut cutter, deep fry the dough and roll them in sugar.  YUM! These were such a treat. For on-line extras, treats and more, go here.  For fabulous recipes, check out Project Foodie here.
Next and I realize I'm behind as the new issue has hit the stands (Note to Self: take trip to B&N to pick up new issue), is the Summer issue of Artful Blogging. I am a visual person and this magazine fills the bill.  Each issue is a feast for the eyes, full of inspiration and beauty.  I'll also be looking for the new issue of Somerset Home and Where Women Create.  You'll find a sampler of their other publications here.

A new to me publication, Table, is geared towards the residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I hadn't known until I visited their website that our area had a grocery store that would deliver (I'm SO there!).  I signed up for the newsletter and am going to treat myself to a 1 year subscription.  You can read more about Table at their site.

Another new to me magazine is Life: Beautiful.  I picked up the fall issue.  This is a national, inter-denominational, Christian lifestyle magazine. It is published four times a year and although the Fall issue is on the newstands, their website is currently showcasing their Spring issue.  This is another beautifully photographed magazine with articles focusing on the everyday experiences such as parenting, cooking, decorating, etc.

That's just a sampling.  Of course, my favorite time of the year is almost here and there will be a smorgasbord of holiday magazines (my absolute favorites) so I have been putting pennies in the pickle jar.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The List (the Official List)

My To-do List  (my list was made using ideas from Flylady and The Christian Homekeeper).

Kitchen and Laundry
run sink of hot soapy water
wipe down countertops and cabinets
remove dryer lint
clean oven
Deep Clean Kitchen

Living Room
Pick up and put away
run vacuum or sweep
straighten sofa and pillows
straighten books and magazines, newspapers

make beds
hang up, pick up and put away all clothes and personal items
straighten up computer area

shake out rug, sweep and mop
wipe down mirror
clean commode
clean sinktops
clean out shower or tub
spray shower curtain with bleach or vinegar

And speaking of cleaning, here are a few sites/blogs that I use as inspiration to kick start my cleaning; I hope you find inspiration from each also.

FlyLady - this blog is perfect for me, though I did change a few of he days/rooms to fit my needs. Same goes for the routines, but it works for me and that's all that counts. So feel free to change the detailed cleaning lists and daily routines to fit you/your style and your home.

How Does She? - this blog is chalk full of goodies and entertaining reading. There are entries on running a household, baking, freebies, coupons, giveaways, oh, just all kinds of goodness. Check it out.

Housekeeping - this site is my go to when I need to know how to get rid of those pesky ants that "come home" for winter; or the best tools to use; uses for vinegar, how to get out stains, etc.

The Christian HomeKeeper Network - I love this site for all the information it contains; Go browse and enjoy.

So many ideas, so much inspiration; I am ready to get down and clean (when I get home . . . if I'm not too tired. . .); I'll be crossing off my list.!

Time Flies

I can't believe it's been a few weeks since my last post.  My Mom had her knee replacement surgery as scheduled and I took off last week to be with her and help her out.  We had a great week together.  I've got her hooked on Rescue Me.  Loaded Netflix on her PC and we watched the first 3 seasons and up to the fourth episode of Season 4.  I'll be visiting in the evenings this week so we can finish the seasons.  I took K with me Monday and Tuesday and she was a huge help.  Our ML picnic at Kennywood was Sunday the 8th.  Fantastic weather, the girls and I pretty much closed the park.  Long day, but a good day.  Mel and K and I also miniature golfed and bowled a few times this past week.  I also had a playdate or two of my own.  Alas, the fun has to end and now I am back to work, but honestly, that feels good, too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Better Late than Never

Work has been a bear (that's a good thing) and I've been real busy on the social level, too (that's a great thing!). But to recap. . . Yes, I was at DB this weekend. Saturday to be exact. My Mom, Niece, Nephew and myself started the day with breakfast at Eat n Park down at the Waterfront. Then we stopped at Lane Bryant where Liss modeled and purchased an abundance of clothes.Next was DB, where I modeled and purchased an abundance of clothes. A brown pant suit, gray pantsuit, black skirt suit, really cute top, bracelet to go with the brown pantsuit and a necklace for the gray pantsuit. And a gorgeous blue/grayish dress, it’s divine! Oh, and I had the Brazilian Blowout done to my hair. It’s so straight and so smooth. I LOVE IT!