Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Work

After a fabulous and fun, albeit wet weekend, it's back to work.  Which is okay, cause I need to replenish the bank accounts.  First, Thursday evening was our last night of summer bowling and we bowled no-tap.  The boys bowled a perfect (no-tap) 300, all three of them in the same game.  The proof's here:
Randy, Marc & Jayme - perfect no-tap scores
Friday morning, the girls and I headed for Cedar Point for the weekend.  We stayed at Castaway Bay which has a funtastic indoor waterpark.  And a Starbucks and TGIF.  And an Arcade.  Our room (Starfish) had a balcony with a view of the bay.  We spent Friday at the indoor waterpark, had dinnner at TGIF's and followed up with Starbucks for dessert (my favorite way to start and end the day).  More waterpark, showers, bed.  Saturday we left for Cedar Point for the early arrival, rode a few rides, got soaked, mined, Mel bought a sign, tee shirts and K got ice cream.  It rained and rained and rained.  Tired of being wet, we called it a day and went to dinner at some fun Pony Eatery, where you could play Keno and bet on horseraces.  That was fun.  Back to the room, then more waterpark, showers, and then the Arcade. Starbucks, bed.  We checked out by 11:00 and were home by 3:15. 
K mining for gems

Just in time for my date with Mister.  {Sigh}

Today, I am back to work, back to counting points (got to rid myself of those excess pounds), back to walking, laundry and cleaning up.  Got a lot on the To Do List and hope to accomplish most of it. 

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