Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog Roll

I am a blog reader.  I am.  Love them. Love the visuals, the words, the happenings.  As I am beginning the journey of redoing each room in my home, I have a particular interest in blogs that address remodeling, refurbishing, redressing.  This weekend I plan to visit the following blogs. You may want to visit, too.

1. Little Emma English Home
2. Dreamhouse
3. Frugal Farmhouse Design
4. A Country Farmhouse
5. Decor8

Tonight is our last for our summer bowling league.  Next week begins the fall league.  More serious, bigger jackpot.

Tinsel removed.

I had the tinsel removed from my hair though and the bangs cleaned up.  I love it!  Sadly, taking care of my Mom caused me to put on a few pounds.  SOOOOO, I am back to watching what I eat and adding an extra mile to my walking regimen.  I will get rid of those extra lbs. by next Thursday.  You'll see!    

Kayla's Amoeba
This is Kayla's amoeba.  I think that's what she said.  She called me super excited cause she had to, just had to, take it apart and see how it worked.  This is the norm for this child.  I can't count how many calculators she has taken apart. 

I just checked and rechecked by bank accounts.  Once again, I am poor.  This is pretty much everyday, but still sad especially facing a holiday break this weekend.  I need to rethink my budget.  I'll do that tomorrow.

On today's To-Do List is everything I didn't do yesterday (we won't go into that), but I did have the tinsel taken out of my hair, I did walk 2 miles, and I, well, that's about it.  I need to add to that ever growing list the following: take out trash, pack for weekend holiday, stop at Bank for cash and pick up prescription. Maybe should scratch weekend getaway and work on To-Do List. Nahhhhh.

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