Thursday, August 26, 2010

... a New Dawn ...a New Day

I love that song sung by Michael Buble.  I also think of those words when I awake each day.  I love my life, I really, really do.  I love getting up in the morning and going to work, walking, coming home and just enjoying my house, my family.
Happy first day of school K!  I can't wait to talk to her tonight to see how her first day was, whose in her class, etc.  I got Shimelle's 1st e-mail and will be spending time this weekend gathering my supplies.  Got to find that instruction book to figure out how to print the photos directly from the camera. 
I missed Top Chef last night because I was entertaining.  I'll catch it On Demand this weekend.  Tonight begins our fall/winter bowling.  I've got my new shoes, new ball and bag.  Only I didn't have the holes drilled in the ball yet.  I'm on a new team this year.  Kind of sad to leave the boys but I was alternating with Heather and I want to bowl every week.  This way she gets to bowl every week, too.
Stopped by Braddock Field to pick up my bowling gear from the kids, watched Mel hit a few rounds.  She can hit the ball.  Pulls to the left, but hits those grounders.  She's in the softball tournament Saturday.  I'll be going to watch.
I am fascinated with the many "52" blogs that are around. They make me wish I would have thought of this, but they also are inspiring me to compile a list of my own for the next 52 weeks (coincides with my "back to school" theme). The following are on my "To Read" this weekend.
52 Projects
The Original 52 Projects
52 Projects - Facebook

We miss you terribly, Cathy!!!
PD w/K

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