Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

Ben lost his first tooth!
Did you happen to catch Rescue Me last night? This show is hilarious and has to been one of my absolute favorites, along with Top Chef and Project Runway. That is pretty much my line up for tv viewing for the week.

While spending the week with Mom as she was recovering from knee replacement surgery, we watched episodes 1 through 3 and a few for 4. We laughed so much. Mom was totally hooked.

Had a playdate last evening. Quite fun!

Stopped at Dress Barn over the weekend - yeah, what else is new? Anyway, right there in the front of the store, as soon as you walk in was the most divine sweater - I MEAN GOTTA HAVE IT DIVINE. And now I have it. I will have to post a pic or two. It's that divine. But you can go here to view the black racing stripes jacket I did get (that yummy orangey brown jacket "made to moto" was not in my size, but I'm still looking, it will go great with my hair color), and also the stylish black jacket/skirt in the Jones Collection. Besides the holiday magazines and the holidays, I look forward to this fall season just because of my new wardrobe. I still have a few pieces to get to pull it all together and I'll be ready. Oh, but I still need a winter coat. Gotta get on that.

Ooooh, it's lunch time.  Off to San Remo's with E.  Later.

Today's To-Do List:
Lunch with E - 12:30
Hair - 5:15
Laundry - 2 loads (at least)
Crochet sweater (15)
Top Chef
Bathrooms - shake out rug, sweep and mop, wipe down mirrors, clean commodes, clean sinktops, clean out shower/tub,  spray curtain with bleach or vinegar

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