Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rescue Me.  A tad depressing. But only from the point of view that they are wrapping up all the loose ends.  I hate for this show to end.  It has been one of the best in my humble opinion.  Six seasons of great T.V. viewing.
Enough of that.
It seems to be a bit warmer today.  Maybe.  72 for some is heaven, for me it's cold.  I like 90.  Our office is like 40.  It's freezing.
Today is Wednesday and I have SO MUCH to catch up on.  Not here.  At home. So much.  And I have to make time to pick up my new bowling shoes, and shop around for car insurance, and find that dagnabit ticket that needs paid, and the DB layaway slip I hopefully misplaced and didn't throw away.  Egads! Work is sure interfering with life.  And I'm half hoping for a playdate and half not, cause I do have a lot to do at home.
I am hoping to receive Shimelle's 2010 material list for her upcoming class today.  I am so ready for this project.

The waterpark at Castaway Bay
Ms. K being silly

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