Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Planning

I'm still planning my "school year." Since the passing of my dear, sweet sister earlier this summer (too soon, way too soon!), I, and my family have a new outlook on life.  LIVE IT! And we have been living.  Especially myself, along with my niece and nephew.  Big Time! I've also come to discovery that I am a perpetual student.  I love to learn.  So, I am going "back to school" along with the kiddies, treating this upcoming school year as another beginning to live, learn and love.  Planning my curriculum and seriously going to go places I have only dreamed of.  

I bought this fabulous workbook from Michaels earlier this year using a 50% off coupon.  You could purchase it here for a great price.  The Crochet Closet is full of lovely pieces to crochet and wear.  I've started creating one myself and will post my progress as I go along.  I still have to find the perfect button for the sweater I just finished and in the nick of time, too.  It was downright cold yesterday!

It's Tuesday! That means Rescue Me is on.  I also have a ton of things to do tonight.  Gotta get them done!

Started taking a bus to the office and walking the 2.3 miles from Squirrel Hill. Smart move.  Feels good, I slept a little better last night, except for a horrendous nightmare, and I also need to shed another 6 pounds to ensure I can wear those gorgeous size 6 suits I bought for fall.  Need to add to that wardrobe and get a few new pair of heels.  Maybe a purse. Maybe black patent leather knee high boots, or brown leather.

I am so excited for Shimelle's September class to start.  The materials e-mail goes out tomorrow but I've already been planning what I'll be using.  Definitely this and I'm thinking of maybe shrinking this template and creating an accent.  I will be cleaning up my scrap area and making sure I have all my tools at hand so I have no excuse not to finish this project the same month it's begun. 

Ms. K. Mornings aren't her thing.

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