Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halfway Through

My horoscope for today (which I read purely for pleasure and sometimes to see if I should just be quiet) is right up my alley.  Cause making plans means making lists and who doesn't like a good list?  

Spend the day making plans. Big plans, little plans. Plans for the near future, plans for the distant future, plans for tonight. Make plans to make plans if you want to. The plans you make now are bound to be successful, so why not make as many as possible? In the evening, stop making plans and start putting the plans you already made (especially the ones that involve dinner tonight) into action. Good plan! 

It's lovely so far today.  Except for that accident on the Parkway after the tunnels.  That set me back by 20 minutes.  Oh well, recoup.  Anyway, speaking of plans, I have some made for this evening already.  Leave work, drive straight to DB, pick up layaway, check out purple sweater and leggings (don't know about these), but check it out anyway, don't forget coupon. Pick up dinner for me and girls and back home to join them.  A and K are cleaning the house today, yippee!!  I need to clean my room and plan to while they are doing the other rooms. Also plan to do laundry cause, well, it needs done.  Okay, that's a start.  More later.

Note to self: Halfway through September - feel good about how much attention I've paid to the outdoors, the indoors, and my life in general.  Gosh, I am happy!!!! 

Nights are getting cooler and it's getting darker early.  The house is a wee bit chilly.  Had to get out the every so soft, ever so fuzzy, ever so pink, robe.  I'm warmer all ready.

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