Saturday, September 11, 2010

Having Help Cuts the Work in Half

Planning a quick walk before the day begins.  Walked 4.6, felt good. 

Mom came and we picked up K. Went to Pat Catan's because K wanted to.  I got some cute ideas for Halloween decorations.  Wendy's for lunch.  Back home, K went with the neighbors to a party down at Whitney Field. 

Mom helped me clean out the extra kitchen.  I am so grateful for her help.  She totally motivates me to get it started and get it done.  Without her, I'd be on one of those "this broad's house needs cleaned" shows. Really.  Not Hoarders though.  I hate keeping stuff.  If I had loads of money, I'd buy new decorations for each holiday and donate them when it was all over so I wouldn't have to store it.  Though, this mess wasn't really mine, well, most of it wasn't.  It was Am's who moved out, like, three years ago promising to come back and clean out her stuff.  Yeahhhhhh, still waiting.  So, finally she said, you know what I would want to keep Mom.  I hope I do/did.  So, back to the extra kitchen, I still need to wash the floor and hang curtains and then, later, much later, a wall needs plastered and the walls need painted.  I am hoping to have the washer and dryer brought up from the cellar and hooked up in that room.  A laundry room - that would be heavenly!

Joey and T came by with the girls.  Joey has a truck so he hauled some stuff away for me.  I am grateful for that truck and the fact that Joey and his daughter, C, like to go to the flea market to sell, so I can count on him to take alot of the stuff for me.  The rest goes to VA.

Signs of the season change - colored leaves, cooler temps and the fact that it is dark by 8 p.m.

Waiting for K to return from her outing with Anne, Kai and Callie. Then K and I need to drive to the station for gas, then to Squirrel Hill for the promised ice cream.  Then we are snuggling up on the couch, buying a flick On Demand, and sipping hot chai. 

Then bed, for tomorrow we hike.

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