Thursday, September 9, 2010

Helping Others = it's a Give and Take

This morning as I was getting ready to shave the legs and shower the doorbell rang.  Thinking it was the neighbors, I grabbed my robe and ran for the door.  There stood a woman who had run out of gas in the alley across the way needing a gas can.  I sent her next door and told her to come back I would ride her to the gas station.  It felt good to be able to help.  Next I dropped off a promised piece of Mom's birthday cake to Mister.  That made him happy. He called me later to thank me and that made me happy.

Calls from J make me happier (I'm pretty happy as a rule)!

I am a little behind on everything. Work has been so busy (which is good), my personal life has been so busy (which is good) and now I have to play catch up because so much needs done (which is good).  My get fit (Erin's challenge) is going well, but I really need to beef up the exercise.  Last night we celebrated Mom's 69th birthday. She did well.  We had dinner and cake and sat in her "Florida room."  In attendance was Dad, Mom (of course), her friend Judy, B, Mel, Mike, Jo and myself.  It was a fun evening.

Bowling tonight! Hope I do well.

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