Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kennywood Today = a Lesson in Patience

We were given two tickets and we had one extra from a prior picnic, so it's off to Kennywood we go.  K, her friend H and me.  Although the sun is shining, the high is to be 65 degrees. Perfect for walking around all day. As patience is a virute, I was very virtuous today! Which I try to be most times, but I do have my moments.  The girls had a really good time today.  We ventured to walk the park systematically (this plan was strayed from for bathroom breaks and an extra ride at the end of our time there).  The first ride was the roller coaster "Sky Rocket," a 45 minute wait for a 1 minute ride, but I resigned myself to total patience at the start of the day and it really paid off and the day (felt like October) was most enjoyable!
K on the Pirate Ship

Scary sky, but perfect fall day!

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