Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lesson in Art = How do you Perceive Art?

Our plans for a hike were canceled due to rain.  It rained most of last evening  and while we could still hike, slippery, wet and mud are words and scenes we will avoid today.  K and I already hiked once on a whim and we were so not prepared.  In fact, I was wearing a skirt and sandals and K loves to veer from the beaten path, so we slid in muck and got wet and, well, although messy, it was one of our best times together.  But I'd like to be prepared this time  and go before it rains and pack a lunch and wear the appropriate clothing,.  So after breakfast K and Kai and I are headed to the Carnegie Museum.  A little history and exploration today.
Oh, go Steelers! Going to the museum turned out to be a great choice.  We visited the Art side (K doesn't let me go there often) and works of Pittsburgh artists were being showcased.  The girls learned that art is how YOU, YOURSELF perceive it.  I, personally, am drawn to paintings (real paintings, not digital renditions) BUT that's my personal choice.  I also have a penchant for winter scenes. Love them! We all agreed on a favorite and then came home.  I made lunch while the girls played and watched t.v.  Later, I took K home, picked up Mom and took her to Sears, stopped at M & B's house and back home.  Whew! What a day!
This sculpture was the hands down winner
I love winter scenes
The girls really liked this

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