Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Daily Horoscope

While I only read my daily horoscope (Y Astrology) solely for entertainment purposes, they often are straight on with what is going on in my life.  Today's reads:

"Hopefully, you got happy hour out of your system last night, because you won't be in the mood for it today. Believe it or not, you -- yes, you -- will wake up in the mood to make lists, check them twice and get things done.  No, that's not your usual M.O., but whoever said you were anything close to usual? Definitely not anybody who ever knew you for more than an hour or so." 
Now, I don't read this until I get into the office, so this was funny to me because I woke up this morning and after getting ready for work, I grabbed my purse, my envelopes, a tablet and a pencil and proceeded to label me envies, i.e., groceries, gasoline, parking, bowling, etc. and then divided up money into each.  This is the season of the budget, especially when I got the Christmas gift list from the girls. Whew! They need jobs!  As for the remainder of the horoscope - being unusual is a good thing.  People remember me. 

And speaking of happy hour, while I did not go to a bar nor drink, I did pick up my Mom and we drove to the Pittsburgh Mills for dinner at Panera's.  Stopped at the DB in that neighborhood, found a sweater I liked but will purchase at my fave DB.

Oh, in the mail I got a coupon for Payless AND while browsing through a magazine last night found an ad for the latest shoe arrivals and really, really want these and these.

Welcome September! A start of a new year for students and not just those who attend educational institutions.  For all of us to learn and grow.  For me.  Learning is so important to me and I never want to stop.  So, as I have been planning this past month, today is my "first day of school."  Let's carry on.

Let's learn something new! I've received Shimelle's first prompt and am so looking forward to getting started.  Today is going up to 93 degrees, my kind of weather. I will need to take a trip outside.  We are having a lunch and learn.  I need to pick up some laundry detergent and, well, it's going to be a fabulous and busy day!!!!

Note to self: Top Chef is on tonight. 

Our lunch and learn featured Westlaw's PeopleMaps.  Good for law, not so good in general.  You can't hide people! Whew, the info on there.

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