Friday, September 10, 2010

Routines = Efficiency

As I have mentioned before, I have a routine for keeping my house clean or at least fairly clean.  I have company often, many times unplanned (the best kind) and so I need the place to be presentable.  I do pay to have it cleaned twice a month (SO WORTH EVERY CENT!), but I realize its up to me to keep up on it.  That's why, as you will see on my sidebar, I post my daily list.  If I follow this list (it changes slightly day to day), I never get behind, there are no piles of clutter and laundry does not climb the walls.  It's an easy list and once you got it down to a routine, it's a breeze.  Plus I like making lists.

K will be spending the weekend.  Not too many plans, maybe a round of mini golf and having the oil changed in the car.  Some creative cooking as I need to go grocery shopping but payday is not until Wednesday so we will be making do.  Who doesn't love a challenge anyway?!

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