Friday, October 15, 2010

Must be Murphy's Law . . .

. . . which my horror-scope happens to mention today.  I either have nothing to do or tons to do.  This weekend is a birthday party, shopping for presents, picking up layaways, going to the gym, and the two big dilemmas: an offer to come taste test food for an upcoming dinner party (great for the diet, NOT), Last weekend, I had nothing on the calendar and this weekend is filling up fast. Sheesh!
Last night was K's Curriculum Fair at School.  I was never going to make it in time, but thankfully Amanda attended and sent me these precious photos.  Thanks, Mand!
Well, that was some weird lighting.  Looks like K did a quick change.
I did take advantage of Shimelle's fab discount and signed up for her next class True Stories. I totally enjoyed her September's Learn Something New Everyday class.  It's the first month that I actually blogged each day.  I also paid (finally) for Queen of the Crop Getaways' upcoming Columbiana Crop.  Now I have to decide what I will be scrapping and get it together.  I will not over-pack, I will not, I will not . . . sound convincing?  I seriously will not and I am going to get it together way in advance of the crop.  Hmmm, that gives me plenty of time.
Talked to Amanda, poor little Jake had four shots today and blood tests.  Talked to Mom and we will be driving out to the Waterfront in the a.m.; I need to pick up a layaway from DB (and put a new one on (wink, wink)).   Seriously, I really do need some warmer shirts for the cooler weather.  Also need to get a gift for Jake.  Then we are off to the birthday party.  I am still waiting to hear if I have to work tomorrow, but either way, I have to drive into the office because for the umpteenth time, I left my iphone plug there.  Can't recharge without it.  On second thought, I think I'd better buy a spare.

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