Sunday, October 3, 2010

The View

K stayed over last night.  So, this morning, I took her up to Mt. Washington. She has not been there since she was 2.  I knew she would love it.  This child is our loves life child.  Totally.  Her reaction to the view is just what I expected. She does not disappoint.

Looking over downtown Pittsburgh from Mt. Washington

My K

To the East

Overlooking Station Square

On the Incline

From the bottom of the incline

I LOVE this house, it's so me

Kayla liked the more artsy homes

We then took a ride on the incline down to Station Square where we had lunch.  After I took her home, I went home and cooked.  This cooler weather is perfect for cooking and baking.

Time to be domestic.  And I did wear an apron.

The turkey pot pie. Delicious!
With these apples from the farm, I made applesauce
With tomatoes from my Dad's garden

I made salsa

Turkey pot pie, applesauce with the apples purchased at the farm yesterday, salsa from tomatoes grown in my Dad's garden.  I ate the salsa with blue chips and sour cream.  It was good.  Today was a very good day!

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