Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Manifesto

It is Day One of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas.  Writing the Manifesto.  I've fashioned mine after a past JYC.  This is what will go in my album this year:

I dedicate the documenting of this Christmas Season to my Grandchildren Kayla, Cammi, Ben, Jade, Brendan and Jacob.  Without them, Christmas would not be so magical, exciting, wondrous, or awe-filled.  I will, this Christmas Season, reflect on Christmases past, ponder Christmases future, and create the most perfect Christmas present.  I will share the joys of this Season with my family and friends through smiles, gifts, food, and kindness.

Today started out gray and rainy as it has been most of the past week.  The rain turned to snow flurries and the temperatures dropped.  When I went out at noon, it was 30 degrees.  I am happy to be home in my warm, cozy home.

Today is also the start of Erin Effenheim's Pre New Year Fitness Challenge. I met Erin on Facebook and joined her last challenge which helped me towards my weight loss goal.  This is perfect timing for me as I hope to wear a two piece, oh alright, a bikini, in Florida come February.

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