Thursday, January 27, 2011


blind-side or blind·side (blnd sd) tr.v. blind-sided or blindsided, blind-sid·ing or blind·sid·ing, blind-sides or blind·sides
1. To hit or attack on or from the blind side.
2. To catch or take unawares, especially with harmful or detrimental results.

TO: ______________. Blindsiding me like that today was cruel. I would never hurt u like that. The things she said, u had to have put her up to it. I will never forgive u. That's all I have to say.

Today I was blindsided, totally taken unawares, with harmful and detrimental results. Now I don't hate. Hate is negative and wastes energy, energy that I'd rather use for good.  But today I felt hate.  I can only imagine this person was threatened by my relationship with a mutual friend.  I don't know. I am pretty positive that the mutual friend had something to do with it because of what was said.  Well, they had to be, exactly because of what was said.  Anyhoo, because I need to let bad stuff go and not dwell on it, I sent the above text to the mutual friend and now I can move on.  I feel better putting it out there, looking at it from all angles and realizing that there are hurtful people out there, that I am pretty gullible and way too trusting, but I always will be and there always will be hateful, hurtful people. And I do know that I will forgive this mutual friend, because I do not hold grudges.  I just can't.  Alrighty then, let's carry on.
Woke up to more snow on the ground. Which is reasonable as it is WINTER.  But I sure could use a huge dose of warm sunshine. Oh! But it has been lighter this week as I leave the office at 5 p.m. and head for home. Yippee.
Talked to Mister today.  I think he misses me.  He's hard at work but he'll be home soon. 
Bowling tonight, but I am just not up to it.  Maybe, I'll change my mind.
Dinner's on.


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