Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Good and Spring Cleaning

I mean really good, not just getting over that nasty, stuffy head cold, but really good. Emotionally and physically. Lost a few pounds and I am determined to meet my goal by the end of this month.  Yes!!  I also feel like I have tons of energy and I am ready for spring dog-gone-it!  So much so, that I want to get started on the spring cleaning now.  True, I can’t open the windows yet, but I can start cleaning out cupboards and closets and medicine chests.  I will schedule a VA pick-up for next week and get started this evening.  To help inspire and motivate me, I have been checking out these blogs: Simple Mom and Blog Alice.

Today's Plan is:
A.     The Plan:
              1. Office - 8:00 -5
              2. Home by 7 (hopefully)
              3. Dinner
              6. Clean up Kitchen
              7. What's on the clean routine? - do it
              8. Walk 2 miles
              9. Laundry
            10. Clean up living room
            11. Check the clean routine
            12. Shower
            13. Clean up bathroom
            14. What's on tv?
            15. Bed

B.     To Do:
            1.  Make morning to-do list
            2. Schedule VA for Feb 1 pickup
            3.  Drink 72 oz. water.   
            4.  Make hair appt. - Done. Feb. 2 at 3:00.

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