Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outline of Life

When I first decided to create a new blog I wondered what I would write about. Then I decided it does not matter.  This is where I will memorialize my every day.  No matter how mundane it can be, and believe me, it can be.  But I want to remember every little thing.  And though I am starting a few days late (fun, play, illness), it's a good day to start.  You see, our family suffered a tragic loss last year, June to be exact, and we are all having a hard time coping.  But life does go on and while we mustn't forget, we must persevere and live like she would have wanted us to.  So, Cathy, I won't forget, I will carry you with me always and live my life, well, the way you know I would and I know that you will support me, all the silliness, the dumb stuff I get myself into, the doomed romances, the sad times and the happy times, as you always have.  I love you my dearest Sister. 

1. To save money
     A.     I really need to work on this.  I spend.  I do.  I love magazines, books, good food, clothes. I have to learn moderation.

2. To lose weight
     A.     Last year, I lost 40 lbs. I felt good, I looked good.  It is a struggle to keep off the weight, but it shouldn't be.
     B.     I will exercise 30 minutes a day.
     C.     I will eat healthy. 
     D.     I will not give up my favorite Starbucks beverage, but I will drink in moderation.

3. To be happy
     A.     In all honesty, I really am a happy person.  For the most part, I love my life.  I love getting up in the morning, going to work (sick, huh?), just being a part of the everyday.  And while I could use more $$ (see 1. A. above), I do fine with what I have. 

     Happened upon this new mag (new to me at least) at the grocery store.  I like it.  Good articles, one in particular on living alone. 

Weekend recap: Friday (New Year's Eve), Mom and I took K and Cammi to Pittsburgh Mills, K got her doll, Cammi got new books, pizza for lunch, oh, I got a few new things at DB.  Then took girls to B&N, Chili's for dinner. Later, Am and family and Joey and family came over. Good food, good company, great fun.  Talked to my Mister a few times. Saturday, K and I went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Cathy's birthday, then Mom and Liss, B and Mike, K and I went bowling. Later, K and I went to theater to see True Grit. Long day, late night.  She watched Vampires Suck and Eclipse. Sunday, we rested all day, had a Mister type lunch and then I took her home. My Mister visited. Fab weekend!
Oh, Biggest Loser Couples is on.  Til tomorrow,


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