Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snappy Little Title . . .

. . . can't think of one. Sorry.

Hungry. It’s only 10:16 a.m. and I have already consumed 190 calories.  And not good ones either. Two stubby chocolate covered pretzels. I had to buy them. They were for a fundraiser. Then I had to eat them cause I could only think of them sitting in my drawer as I tried to concentrate on work. So I did. And now, I want more. So, instead of sabotaging my so-called life change a/k/a DIET, I surfed the internet for inspiring weight loss blogs and found My Fitness Pal. 

I really like this site.  It is like a free WW (but don’t tell them).  Membership is 100% free.  There are so many features, like an on-line food diary, search-able food database, a personalized diet profile - this was cool and I played with this right away, weight loss tickers and oh, just check it out for yourself, it’s really worth it!
So, I am now eating oatmeal instead of the pretzels and I have a pear for later. Now I need a weight loss ticker.  Off to play some more. Er, I mean work.  Yes. WORK!
My reward (hopefully)

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