Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Highlights

K and I walked around B&N on Friday night. Buying books. Reading titles. Some are so catchy.
Me: The Sugar Queen
K: I bet that's not even about candy.
Saturday, we woke early, nabbed Kai and drove to town. For Starbuck's. What else.

Girls were surprised at the ghost town appearance (it was WAY early)
Lattes and texting
Then we went to the Highmark Sports Works.
Riding the Virtual Steel Phantom
and jumping
Then the Science Center. My favorite is the train display. It's awesome.
Then the girls made oil reservoirs.
Is K actually paying attention to what the guide is telling her to do???? I am so proud!
So intent
Looking good K!
After painstakingly filling up their bottles and having the oil put in, Kai shook hers. Seriously? ! Off to make bracelets.  This display was offered by the Pitt Industrial Engineers Class.  They use math to problem solve. Like how to make the ride lines shorter at Disney. You are kidding, right?
Good job, K!
Then grocery shopping for taco fixings. Kai went home. Cammi came for the afternoon. We rented How to Train Your Dragon. I took a nap.
K and I watched comedy shows til we feel asleep and that's about it. Took her to the Dollar Store and Starbucks on Sunday and then home.  Mister and I had a lovely evening Friday and dinner Sunday. I was asleep before 8:30 last night, so I'm ready to take on the whole office by myself! Seriously by myself. It's a holiday. The staff is off. Only the attorneys are here. And Me. Cause someone raised my hand.

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  1. looks like a full weekend..... never know when learning how to train a dragon might come in handy.