Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday . . . Again

Bowling last night and I did quite well!  
Mister is home and b-u-s-y!
I'll pick K up tonight and we will go to the movies.
Tomorrow she will help clean the house.
Okay, tomorrow I will clean the house.
Not much else planned.
Oh, going to LA in a few weeks.
I'll need to make a list.
It's 52 degrees.  I wish I were outside walking.
Instead, I am inside working. 
Really super busy.
That's not true.
Ready to go home.
This is sad.
I'll go surf the internet now.
Hi Mom!


  1. Going to LA...better you then me..Hope you have blessed trip......... looking forward to a week in FL myself, not travel part just the time while there. (of course God could change things up)

  2. I've never been to LA, though I admit it's not on my list of places to go. LOVE Florida and will be there in July. When are you going??

  3. Next week and will most likely be warmer than I would like, but such is life