Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Month I Learned...

. . .I know there is still one more day in March, but I made my LEARNED list today:
That organization truly is the key.
That if I budget and adhere to it, I can JUST make it to the next paycheck.
That spending time with family is not only rewarding and enjoyable, but can also be a learning experience for myself as well as them.
That starting each morning with a smile pretty much sets the tone for the remainder of the day.
That I would rather listen than talk.
That I miss my sister terribly.
That I “talk” to myself while walking.  This was pointed out by Mister. I do my best problem solving while walking and/or brushing my teeth.
I have also learned that I do pay attention to my surroundings.  That my tree lined street is beautiful.  That blue skies are breathtakingly gorgeous.  That I love my old, needs repair, too many rooms for one person, house.  Love it! That I have become spoiled having a car and so I need to beef up my workout.  That I need to read more books and finish what I start in a more timely manner (I finish, but it takes a while).  That I love my job.  That I have good intentions.
That I learn from others, from reading, from paying attention.
That I truly, truly love my life.
That this child knows me best. Which may not be a good thing. But she loves me just the way I am.
K at 12 yrs, 9 1/2  mos.
  My “horrorscope” for today is somewhat fitting to this coming month’s project (Shimelle’s Learn Something New Everyday (I like to do this every so many months in a blog format)) as I attempt to instill good routines, organization and good habits: Habits are habits because you're used to doing them. Whether it's drinking one cup of coffee too many or leaving the house a little too late or coming home cranky and deciding to skip the gym, this is a good time to take some concrete steps for changing at least one (if not more) habit that's not doing anything helpful in your life. Out, out bad habit!

   Stormy skies, rain and snow predicted for most of the day.

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  1. Appears your flu has left... and see you did not let it sour your outlook. Always nice to dump bad habits esp when replaced with good ones.