Thursday, April 28, 2011

Secretary's Week

This week is secretary's week.  Yesterday was secretary's day.  Our firm provided a lovely breakfast for us and gave each of us a gift card.  (New Dress!!!)  Today is Take Your Child to Work Day.  My chillin's are all grown with families of their own. I usually bring K with me, but Mel asked for her this year and her workplace was going all out for the occasion.  I did meet them for lunch at Franktuary. This little eatery is in the lower level of the Trinity Church. These dogs were delicious.  K and I had Mexico and Mel had a Chicago Imposter.  
Chicago Imposter
 If you check out the menu you'll have new, creative ways to serve hot dogs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Taste of Heaven

This was around 7:30 a.m.

These were taken at lunch time:

It's currently 84 degrees.  Although it is super windy, it's LOVELY!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Let this joy of Easter fill up your heart today and the whole year ahead.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

So, yesterday I worked half day (thanks, Penni!) and the timing was on my side as Mister called and we went to lunch. I didn't do much last night but texted with a good friend til about midnight.  This morning I got up early and baked and frosted some sugar cookies for my Mom.  Then she came in and we went to the store.  She left for awhile and then came back and we watched "The King's Speech."  I never know where to put that second quote mark when it's the last word in the sentence. hmmmm 
I've spent the remainder of the day prepping certain dishes I am making for tomorrow's meal.  I know my daughter and her family are coming over, but my boys are unpredictable and one of them is ALWAYS late.  It's a surprise every holiday and tomorrow will be no exception.  Well, that's it.  Back to watching the Ten Commandments (tradition) as I ready the Easter baskets.
Easters past

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

May the glory of our Savior
Strengthen you
And May His Graces
Shine Upon you
On Good Friday and always!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treat Yourself

So, last night I treated myself to a movie.  Just me, all by my lonesome.  It was perfect.  I shared the theater with eight other persons. No one added their own soundtrack.  The movie I chose to see was The Lincoln Lawyer.  I thought it was excellent!! I was going to wait until I read the book first, but . . . heck, I'll read the book anyway.  My sister, she liked Matthew McConaughey. She would have liked this movie.  My Amanda really likes Matthew, too.  She will like this movie. 
We are fairly busy at the office today and tonight is bowling.  Got a list a mile long of things to accomplish this weekend. Hope to cross a few off.  Rain and thunderstorms are predicted for Easter weekend, BUT if the temps to climb to the mid-60's, that will make it more bearable.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Inspired

These are what are inspiring me today:
These shelves made with books.  I love this idea!
The latest issue of Where Woman Cook

If you love paper vintage, then check out the blog Saturday Finds.  You will find it here.

And although my beloved La Vie Claire Magazine is no longer in existence (sad), I am still inspired by these cottages that were featured in the Summer 2007 issue.  They had names such as
“Absolute Heaven,” “Respite,” and “Simply the Best”.  These are on Martha's Vineyard.

We spent our summers at our cottage on Maple Island (a/k/a 12 Mile Island).  
I'll have to find a photo or two. 

 For lovely Shabby Chic decor, visit this blog
This is the blog I was telling you about. Control Click the word blog and you will go right to it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pittsburgh on a Clear Day

This was Friday.  It was lovely!
But that's not today.  This is today:

Getting Organized . . . or Trying to. . . Again

If you need organized and you like to be challenged, check out the “I’m an Organizing Junkie” website.  Laura (the organizing junkie) has a fabulous plan for helping you get your home organized and/or projects completed and/or habits developed in 52 weeks .  You can jump in at any time.  The first step is creating a plan (a list! my favorite part!).  I think my plan has over 100 projects or cleaning chores that need done and I will have to do more than one a week to accomplish most of it.  I didn’t include the yards yet.  Some projects are seasonal and some will need done on a regular basis and I’m sure I’ve missed a few.  Like, find where rainwater is coming in over second floor living room and cut down pine tree in front yard to replace cellar door and purchase new storm doors.  The fun part, of course, will be crossing off each project as it is done.  Here is my list and I’m already able to cross off one.

Dust shelves
Move yellow table and chairs to corner of kitchen

Move pantry to opposite wall (if it fits)
Move gray shelves to storage room

Put yellow bookcase along long wall in kitchen
Clean off top of fridge; declutter cookbooks; put cookbooks on yellow shelf

Put serving cart in middle of kitchen floor, clean off surface

Degrease floor, scrub
Declutter wall cupboards

Declutter sink drawers
Declutter under sink

Clean out fridge, wipe down inside and out
Soak stove parts, clean

Wipe down walls
Scrub sink

Wash window
Launder curtains

Repot plants
Purchase new kitchen towels, pot holders

Purchase new area rugs

Paint walls
Wash windows

Clean drapes
Dust all furniture

Clean out china closet
Clean out buffet

Clean out desk
Throw out table

Find kitchen table insert
Move kitchen table to scrap room

Do we still have wine hanger? If so, hang it
Change d├ęcor to wine theme and hang clock, photos

Clean out closet, paint
Clean out dresser, think about moving to small kitchen.

Wipe down walls

Wash window
Wipe down walls

Bleach chenille blankets to use as couch/chair covers
Purchase or sew big overstuffed pillows in a shabby chic fabric

Hang photos
Move bookcase from back bedroom to behind tv (maybe)


Paint walls
Lay new floor

Wash windows and curtains
Paint stair treads and rails


Wash shower curtains
Scrub tub

Scrub sink
Clean out cabinets

Hang photos
Purchase new rugs

Purchase new towels

Paint walls
Wash floors

Clean out closet
Declutter book case

Declutter under sink and drawers
Move all scrap related materials to second floor

Clean computer stand
Clean out from under bed

Sort through shoes
Clean out dresser

Clean surfaces
Wash windows

Wash curtains
See about moving vanity to this room or front bedroom


Paint walls
Wash windows

Clean out closet
Clean out dresser

Sort through toys
Sort through books

Repurpose or purchase shelves for this room
Purchase new bedding, fluffy pillows

Hang pictures
Measure wall to see if china closet can be moved up here


Think about making this mud, garden room
Patch cracks in walls

Paint walls
Paint door

Purchase new screen door
Have plumber check sink

Purchase dorm fridge
Purchase microwave

Wash window
Hang curtains

Purchase area rug
Scrub floor


Divide this room into three areas: tv, scrap, sewing
Need to find leak and fix

Need to replace ceiling tiles and ceiling molding
Wipe down walls

Purchase for area rug

Measure K’s wall to see if china closet could be moved to her room
Clean out closet

Scrub floor, maybe repaint or save for carpeting
Clean off entertainment center

Clean radiator

Clean off shelves and organize for scrap related materials
Set up kitchen table for scrapping, game playing and puzzle building

Hang pictures
Begin purchasing decorative suitcase and hat boxes for storage


Clean off sewing machine cabinet
Move tall bookcase to sewing area for supplies

Move K’s black stand either to her room or at end of couch in tv area

Clean behind door, top shelf along stairs
Have stairs fixed


Hose down porch
Wash windows

Wipe down door
Wash porch furniture

Put down carpet
Hang lace curtains

Purchase summer flowers

Same as front porch except for rug and curtains

Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy, busy weekend

It was a fun and fabulous weekend! Even though the weather was wet and cold with periodic bouts of sunshine, it was fantastic weekend!  Saturday, Amanda and the kiddies came in and we got right down to making candy, baking and frosting cookies and dying eggs.
It is true that Amanda mostly made the candy.  Brendan was more interested in putting the candy in the baggies and pushing buttons on the microwave.  Kayla made a few and then went to visit her friends via cyber-world, though she did come back periodically to help.  And Jacob, well, Jacob either ate the handfuls of candy discs or I will find them later.
Lambs, trucks, eggs, bunnies

seriously, do I have to wrap each candy individually???
mixing up sugar cookies

Ready to roll and cut
B patiently waits his turn

cool down
time to dye eggs
keeping a diligent watch over the coloring eggs
Jacob - a hands on kind of guy
Applause for K
Ooooh, pretty!
enough coloring, let's peel and eat!
this is fun!
let's peel another!
this is how we do it
Later I took Kayla, Kai and Evan to see "Arthur."  The movie had a few funny moments, though I have to admit to sleeping a little at the beginning.  It won't be on my top ten must-sees.
So angelic.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was so looking forward to the weekend, but I realize I have Saturday pretty full and Sunday may be too.  The oil needs changed in the car and I must keep up with that.  I need a weekend immediately following the weekend.  

Last evening, we celebrated Dad's 75th birthday.  Good food, yummy cake, family and friends, watching home videos (K would say vintage).  Fun family time. Though, CATHY YOU WERE HORRIBLY MISSED and WE FELT THE WEIGHT OF YOUR NON-PHYSICAL PRESENCE.  Dear Lord, I miss this girl SO MUCH. 

I went to the Dentist this morning and passed with flying colors!!!! Yay me!  After work I am heading to the gym to get in 2 miles before I go bowling.  Have to remember to put out the trash.  And move the washed blanket to the dryer. And clean up the kitchen. And. . . well, you get the picture.

Oooh, it was SO foggy this morning.  That dang Mon Wharf is closed AGAIN so I parked at Station Square. Not really complaining as it's cheaper and the walk was brisk/healthy and once the fog lifted, the sun came out and the sky is a beautiful blue!!!!!!  It is currently 57 degrees.

Oh, K's latest dilemma is what color gum bands for her braces she should get.  I get texts of purple or green? I chose purple which got an "ewww", so did orange and pink.  I don't know why she asks me.

K is going to be 13 in a couple of months.  I need to talk to A but I'm thinking a bowling party or what I'd really like to do is rent out a movie theater.  Not the whole theater, just a room.  I need to do some research.  Now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

365 and/or 52?

Have you ever noticed, read, followed or participated in any of the 365 days or 52 weeks project blogs? There is a blog to cover just about anything you would want to do for 365 days or 52 weeks from taking a photo a day to sewing a dress a day to organizing, going green, becoming a more awesome you, ah, the list is endless. Except maybe for waking up and going to bed.  Those I do well 365 days.  Anything beyond that . . . well, I just don't know.  K and I washed out a very large pickle jar at the end of last year for saving change. Today we talked about setting an amount to put in there every day.  She pointed out she doesn't have money. And that any allowance she would get would have to go to her phone first and then to her braces. And that the allowance would probably come from me.  So why don't I just keep it and put any change in the jar.  She's going to make a fine lawyer one day.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hooray for Friday!

  • Bowling last night: 134, 139, 134.  My average is 134 so I was consistent!
  • The weekend is upon us! And the weather is going to be springlike.  Though you would not know that by looking out the window.
  • Declutter - that's the word for this weekend.  The VVA pick-up is Wednesday so I MUST declutter; and..
  • do laundry. And put it away when its done.
  • Text K to see what's up.
  • Pick up a birthday card and some lottery tix for my Dad.
  • Floss - dentist Thursday.
  • WALK!
  • That's my list . . . so far.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Talk Detox

  • Seriously.  After having the flu/head-cold (it was awful!), I'm thinking it's time to detox.  No Mom, put down the phone, I'm not talking a starve yourself by drinking lemon and water for three days straight. I'm talking eating clean and exercising. I was at B&N the other day and in the middle of a coughing fit (running down aisles trying to get away from people so they would not convulse at the germs I was trying to not spread)  I happened upon this book by Christine Green:
  • Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, it has six plans each to be done over 28 days.  I am beginning with the detox.  Tomorrow. Really.
  • OMGosh! It's going to 61 degrees today!!! Too bad I am spending most of today indoors.  I think I'll go for a walk later this afternoon.  I parked at Station Square.  This is new for me.  It only cost $5.00 and the walk was a three song walk.  Felt good.  
  • Did you see this? A new on-line magazine.  So pretty!  Check it out.
  • Bowling tonight.  This league will most likely be defunct at the end of this season.  So many not coming back.  That's kind of sad.  I've met a lot of fun and friendly guys (it is a men's league, but they had to take a few gals to round out the league). We should be winding down soon and my team will probably take sixth place.  It's a spot we've held onto most of the year.  I think the neighbors, Andrea and Joe, are interested in joining the summer league. I'll decide later.
  • Top Chef Reunion was last night.  I really enjoyed this past season.  I am happy that Richard won.  He really is talented. Though Season 6 is still my favorite. So far.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Thinking I should finish that bedroom on the second floor soon.  My niece gave me a queen size mattress. I've been looking at platform beds because then I won't need a box spring.  I have a wicker headboard so I really do just need the frame.  I'm thinking of this one.  It would be perfect.  And everyone knows I love QVC payment plans!

Speaking of payment plans - huge one in the making.  Kayla is getting braces.  Whopping $4475!!!  Talk about sticker shock. Oh, man. But she needs them, so there we are. Heck. Forget about the bed. For now.

She stayed over Saturday and we went to the theater to watch this:

She liked it . . . ALOT.
That night we watched this:
Weird. Totally.
She stayed over last night.  We watched this:
I liked it . . . alot. 
Weather is COLD. Sundresses and sandals, sundresses and sandals, sundresses and new mantra.