Monday, April 11, 2011

365 and/or 52?

Have you ever noticed, read, followed or participated in any of the 365 days or 52 weeks project blogs? There is a blog to cover just about anything you would want to do for 365 days or 52 weeks from taking a photo a day to sewing a dress a day to organizing, going green, becoming a more awesome you, ah, the list is endless. Except maybe for waking up and going to bed.  Those I do well 365 days.  Anything beyond that . . . well, I just don't know.  K and I washed out a very large pickle jar at the end of last year for saving change. Today we talked about setting an amount to put in there every day.  She pointed out she doesn't have money. And that any allowance she would get would have to go to her phone first and then to her braces. And that the allowance would probably come from me.  So why don't I just keep it and put any change in the jar.  She's going to make a fine lawyer one day.

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