Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Inspired

These are what are inspiring me today:
These shelves made with books.  I love this idea!
The latest issue of Where Woman Cook

If you love paper vintage, then check out the blog Saturday Finds.  You will find it here.

And although my beloved La Vie Claire Magazine is no longer in existence (sad), I am still inspired by these cottages that were featured in the Summer 2007 issue.  They had names such as
“Absolute Heaven,” “Respite,” and “Simply the Best”.  These are on Martha's Vineyard.

We spent our summers at our cottage on Maple Island (a/k/a 12 Mile Island).  
I'll have to find a photo or two. 

 For lovely Shabby Chic decor, visit this blog
This is the blog I was telling you about. Control Click the word blog and you will go right to it.

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