Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy, busy weekend

It was a fun and fabulous weekend! Even though the weather was wet and cold with periodic bouts of sunshine, it was fantastic weekend!  Saturday, Amanda and the kiddies came in and we got right down to making candy, baking and frosting cookies and dying eggs.
It is true that Amanda mostly made the candy.  Brendan was more interested in putting the candy in the baggies and pushing buttons on the microwave.  Kayla made a few and then went to visit her friends via cyber-world, though she did come back periodically to help.  And Jacob, well, Jacob either ate the handfuls of candy discs or I will find them later.
Lambs, trucks, eggs, bunnies

seriously, do I have to wrap each candy individually???
mixing up sugar cookies

Ready to roll and cut
B patiently waits his turn

cool down
time to dye eggs
keeping a diligent watch over the coloring eggs
Jacob - a hands on kind of guy
Applause for K
Ooooh, pretty!
enough coloring, let's peel and eat!
this is fun!
let's peel another!
this is how we do it
Later I took Kayla, Kai and Evan to see "Arthur."  The movie had a few funny moments, though I have to admit to sleeping a little at the beginning.  It won't be on my top ten must-sees.
So angelic.

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  1. Fun with kids and a little power nap...just don't eat all the fix-ins at once.