Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

So, yesterday I worked half day (thanks, Penni!) and the timing was on my side as Mister called and we went to lunch. I didn't do much last night but texted with a good friend til about midnight.  This morning I got up early and baked and frosted some sugar cookies for my Mom.  Then she came in and we went to the store.  She left for awhile and then came back and we watched "The King's Speech."  I never know where to put that second quote mark when it's the last word in the sentence. hmmmm 
I've spent the remainder of the day prepping certain dishes I am making for tomorrow's meal.  I know my daughter and her family are coming over, but my boys are unpredictable and one of them is ALWAYS late.  It's a surprise every holiday and tomorrow will be no exception.  Well, that's it.  Back to watching the Ten Commandments (tradition) as I ready the Easter baskets.
Easters past

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