Thursday, April 21, 2011

Treat Yourself

So, last night I treated myself to a movie.  Just me, all by my lonesome.  It was perfect.  I shared the theater with eight other persons. No one added their own soundtrack.  The movie I chose to see was The Lincoln Lawyer.  I thought it was excellent!! I was going to wait until I read the book first, but . . . heck, I'll read the book anyway.  My sister, she liked Matthew McConaughey. She would have liked this movie.  My Amanda really likes Matthew, too.  She will like this movie. 
We are fairly busy at the office today and tonight is bowling.  Got a list a mile long of things to accomplish this weekend. Hope to cross a few off.  Rain and thunderstorms are predicted for Easter weekend, BUT if the temps to climb to the mid-60's, that will make it more bearable.

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