Friday, May 27, 2011

A Long Weekend

Gearing up for a lovely, long weekend.  I will be whipping up this cake thanks to the Pioneer Woman. Yummy! I will also be replicating the guacamole I made last week along with some Awesome American Cowboy Beans as found at the Tastefully Simple site.  Maybe the turkey sandwiches, too.  I think I need to go eat lunch.  I definitely need to go shopping.  Hopefully tonight, but I need to work at least 12 hours today to get my full work week in.  Seriously.  But the next three days will be filled with long walks, lots of cooking, eating, laughing (all with family), watching movies (old and new), relaxing and just having a grand ole time.
So, whether you are:

Remembering loved ones

Walking the beach

Having a picnic
Watching auto races (think Indy 500)
or Traveling

have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Making guacamole

You will need 2 avocados, 1 clove garlic, 1 small onion, 1 small Jalapeno pepper, 1 Roma tomato, 1 lime
 This is a good recipe for overripe avocados.
Chop up the onion and garlic
You can also put these ingredients in a food processor, along with the jalapeno (I scooped out the seeds).
Peel the avocados, remove the seeds and mash with the onion, garlic, Jalapeno mixture.
Dice the tomato.  Squeeze in the juice of one lime.  Fold in the diced tomatoes and serve with your favorite chip (I like blue corn chips).  Now, this makes enough for two.  HOWEVER, you may want to double or triple this recipe.  It's really good.

What else???? Oh, the leaky kitchen faucet is fixed.  I did attempt to fix it.  Mom did, too.  But neither of us were strong enough to get the handle off.  So, we needed to recruit a male.  That's one thing that's not cool about being a girly, girl.  No muscle strength.
Let's see, I did walk this weekend.  The weather in Pittsburgh was divine!!! And Mom and I worked on the dining room.  Now, bear in mind that, yes, the walls need painted.  BADLY!  But at least the room is clean. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's the Weekend! It's the Weekend! It's the Weekend!

In 50 minutes....  On my list of things to do:
Walk, walk and walk some more
Attempt to fix a leaky faucet
Cook up a few culinary delights
and, wha?? who put that there????
  Hope yours is fun, fabulous and fantastic!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Recap, Part II

After all that shopping we needed to do a little clean up in the front yard.  In anticipation of warmer (DRIER) weather.  Oh, is that you laughing??? Anyway, along with raking the leaves (should have done that BEFORE the snows came) Mom and I (alright, mostly Mom, but I picked up the leaves!) cleaned up the porch.  Except for laying the rug (too wet right now), the porch is ready for porch picnics and warm evenings.
That's chalk and marker art on the pillars (KAYLA!)

Sunday, we worked on the kitchen.  I have a few more areas to clean up in there and then I can post pics. The backyard has been mown so maybe this weekend we will work on the back porch. Hint. Hint.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Recap, Part I

Went to the Symphony Friday evening.  There is nothing like GREAT seats!!!!  Also, if you currently do not support the ARTS, think about it.  It's really a good cause and provides so much enjoyment.
The seats were eight (8) rows from the stage.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I enjoyed the series.  I stopped at Starbucks, which is across the street from Heinz Hall, to while away some time and let the onslaught of Symphony patrons move their cars and get going, so I could breeze right out of the parking garage and go home.
Saturday, Mom, Mike and I went to the Church Rummage Sale.  Then to breakfast at Cracker Barrel out in New Stanton.  Our day continued with shopping at 380 Auction, a stop at Dairy Queen, Pat Cataans, and Gabriels. 
Here is some of the fabulous loot I acquired:
That doorknob thingy is actually upside down.  It's a shelf.  And tassel tie backs for my bedroom curtains.  These two came from Cracker Barrel. Oh, I also got two Pennsylvania magnets, one for me and one for Melissa.  From the Church Rummage Sale I found dinosaur cookie cutters (Brendan will love those cookies!); glass Christmas ornaments, as well as invites and gift card bags, a metal grater to match one that was my Mom's (I use it faithfully) and a new grater for nuts and chocolate. OH! and my two favorite finds of the day - that metal box with hand-typed recipes and the huge round tin platter all the loot is sitting on. 
The brown and blue tote in the above photo is an Igloo tote with a removable plastic bucket.  I bought this for the car when Amanda and I take the kiddies on road trips so we can take along drinks and sandwiches. Inside the tote were my other purchases - washcloths, miracle grow, and light bulbs.  This all came from 380 Auction.
I also bought a few dresses and a tablecloth from Gabriel's, and two glass bottles from Pat Cataan's. Once home, Mom and I started in on the front porch.  But that's another post.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ben Plays Ball

Ben had his first baseball game on Saturday, May 7, 2011
This is Ben dressing for the game
This is Ben and his Dad
This is Ben
Ben's number is 5
This is Ben's team
I do not like the fence.  At all.
This is Ben in right field.  Or is it left?
This is Ben at bat.  I do not like that fence.  Home plate is across the field.  I think to keep the players away from the fans and a few crazed parents.  That's probably a good idea.  I am not a crazed baseball fan.  Really. 
After the game (Ben's team won), we went to Eat n' Park to celebrate.
This is Kayla and Ben. 
Can I get a smile.  Just one nice, serene little smile???

Ahhhh, that's nice.
That didn't last long.
The terrorist and the victim. They play their roles so well.
And then the food came.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where Have I Been???

Wow! The days just roll one into the other.  I need to downshift into low gear, slow things down a bit.  Saturday, K and I took one of her friends from school to see "Fast Five."  LOVED IT!  And to those who left the theater while the credits were rolling: IT WASN'T OVER! and it was a bombshell ending.
K: Sorry for the mini meltdown on Sunday.  Need to take those meds, I know.
Mister: Thanks for listening.  Your sixth sense is awesome.
A and J: Thanks for a delicious dinner! and A & K: fun game(s) of Boggle.
and to Mother Nature: IT'S SPRING!!! Seriously!
Now, back to work!