Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ben Plays Ball

Ben had his first baseball game on Saturday, May 7, 2011
This is Ben dressing for the game
This is Ben and his Dad
This is Ben
Ben's number is 5
This is Ben's team
I do not like the fence.  At all.
This is Ben in right field.  Or is it left?
This is Ben at bat.  I do not like that fence.  Home plate is across the field.  I think to keep the players away from the fans and a few crazed parents.  That's probably a good idea.  I am not a crazed baseball fan.  Really. 
After the game (Ben's team won), we went to Eat n' Park to celebrate.
This is Kayla and Ben. 
Can I get a smile.  Just one nice, serene little smile???

Ahhhh, that's nice.
That didn't last long.
The terrorist and the victim. They play their roles so well.
And then the food came.

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  1. Baseball a sure sign Spring is here, Ben looks cute in his as for that fence