Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend Recap, Part I

Went to the Symphony Friday evening.  There is nothing like GREAT seats!!!!  Also, if you currently do not support the ARTS, think about it.  It's really a good cause and provides so much enjoyment.
The seats were eight (8) rows from the stage.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I enjoyed the series.  I stopped at Starbucks, which is across the street from Heinz Hall, to while away some time and let the onslaught of Symphony patrons move their cars and get going, so I could breeze right out of the parking garage and go home.
Saturday, Mom, Mike and I went to the Church Rummage Sale.  Then to breakfast at Cracker Barrel out in New Stanton.  Our day continued with shopping at 380 Auction, a stop at Dairy Queen, Pat Cataans, and Gabriels. 
Here is some of the fabulous loot I acquired:
That doorknob thingy is actually upside down.  It's a shelf.  And tassel tie backs for my bedroom curtains.  These two came from Cracker Barrel. Oh, I also got two Pennsylvania magnets, one for me and one for Melissa.  From the Church Rummage Sale I found dinosaur cookie cutters (Brendan will love those cookies!); glass Christmas ornaments, as well as invites and gift card bags, a metal grater to match one that was my Mom's (I use it faithfully) and a new grater for nuts and chocolate. OH! and my two favorite finds of the day - that metal box with hand-typed recipes and the huge round tin platter all the loot is sitting on. 
The brown and blue tote in the above photo is an Igloo tote with a removable plastic bucket.  I bought this for the car when Amanda and I take the kiddies on road trips so we can take along drinks and sandwiches. Inside the tote were my other purchases - washcloths, miracle grow, and light bulbs.  This all came from 380 Auction.
I also bought a few dresses and a tablecloth from Gabriel's, and two glass bottles from Pat Cataan's. Once home, Mom and I started in on the front porch.  But that's another post.

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