Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend Recap, Part II

After all that shopping we needed to do a little clean up in the front yard.  In anticipation of warmer (DRIER) weather.  Oh, is that you laughing??? Anyway, along with raking the leaves (should have done that BEFORE the snows came) Mom and I (alright, mostly Mom, but I picked up the leaves!) cleaned up the porch.  Except for laying the rug (too wet right now), the porch is ready for porch picnics and warm evenings.
That's chalk and marker art on the pillars (KAYLA!)

Sunday, we worked on the kitchen.  I have a few more areas to clean up in there and then I can post pics. The backyard has been mown so maybe this weekend we will work on the back porch. Hint. Hint.

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