Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Having Help Cuts the Work in Half

My Mom helped me clean out “big room” a/k/a the upstairs living room.  This room is big enough to also house the scrap area and the sewing area.  I am so grateful for her help.  She totally motivates me to get it started and get it done.  Without her, I'd be on one of those "this broad's house needs cleaned" shows. Really.  Not Hoarders though.  Not yet at least.  So, basically the surface cleaning is done.  I still need to wash the floor and window.  Launder the curtains. Dust.  And then, later, much later, once the roof is fixed, retile part of the ceiling and re-hang the trim.  

Friday evening was spent watching “Bridges of Madison County” with the Mister.  Lovely evening.
Saturday morning, Mom and I shopped.  Later Amanda and the kiddies visited and K stayed.  She is still not eating all that well, so we had ice cream for dinner.  She spent most of the time with her friend.  Mom came in towards evening and we watched Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows.  IT WAS GOOD.

Sunday morning was spent whipping up a lunch to take to Amanda’s.  Everything turned out really good.  After lunch, I came home and then the Mister joined me. 

Monday, (I heart 3 day weekends) Mom and I traveled over to the Waterfront to check out these awesome wall stick and peel hangings and then to Giant Eagle to pick up some grub for lunch.  After lunch is when we tackled that “big room.”

Last night was bowling and even though my partner didn't show (he had softball and hit 4 for 4!), I won two out of 3.  Yay me!

Stay cool! (We are having a heat wave, but I love it!!!)

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  1. Agree that help surly does cut the time plus makes the job more enjoyable also. Good reminder recently when my help was not available to help..but such is life