Monday, July 11, 2011

Last week, Mom and I went to a retirement dinner.  It was held at Grandview Golf Club which sits on top of a hill. The view is splendid.
The golf club overlooks Kennywood Amusement Park and the Waterfront (my fave shopping place).

The dinner and friendship was lovely. Good luck and enjoy your retirement Janet!
Yesterday, I went to Amanda's to swim. Good choice, as it was a hot afternoon.
Saturday, Mom and I watched The Adjustment Bureau. We liked it.
BIG NEWS! My son, Jayme, is engaged to Tina.  She is lovely, her children and family are lovely.  I really like them! Welcome to the family!!!!!
Next up: Planning a small engagement party for the lovebirds so they can meet the family.
Packing for Daytona Beach! Plane leaves Saturday!!!
Enjoy your day!!!

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